What TV show should I watch next? [Boxset Chat 2016]

Felt like I was starting to run out of new series’ to watch, and then noticed a tonne of things on Amazon prime that I’ve never heard of, and a few things popping up on Netflix that I hadn’t noticed before.

What show are you currently loving?

My hot tip is Halt and Catch Fire. It’s not had too much hype but for starters the soundtrack is far better than the Stranger Things one that has people in a tizzy. It’s sort of like The Hour (about the early days of the BBC) in tone, but also manages to weave politics of the time in like Mad Men does. It’s about the early days of building computers and the start of the internet - with seasons 2 and 3 focussing on their internet community. The female lead is what Juliette Lewis would have been like if she’d starred in Hackers. It feels really exciting to gaze at the possibility of the future (i.e. now) through the eyes of people who were constantly told they were too ambitious or wrong.

Lady Dynamite

What’s it about?

oh i dunnno

Whoa hidden content!

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Have a look in here for some good and bad recommendations sean.

saps says the get down is good.
someone else was saying that amazon thing mr robot was decent but I can’t bring myself to watch it because the name’s so shit

It’s basically just Fight Club.