What was the last truly great UK #1 single?

I reckon ‘Red’ Ed Sheeran will still be talked about in 10-20 years, doesn’t mean he’s good does it. People still talk about loads of unfiltered trash because it’s just firm in the public memory.


The problem with this is -1million points for achy breaky dad

The first 3 lady gaga number 1s are all many times better than groovejet


He’s on the remix precisely because he hated the racism the country scene treated lil nas X with so he’s good, no?


Boring answer: when RATM’s Killing in the Name was fixed up there even though it was on a wave of rockists

  • Just dance
  • Poker face
  • Bad romance

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After that 100 best number ones list the Guardian did I made a playlist of all the numbers ones I like. The latest song in that playlist that I would call great is Hideaway but that’s just me

Telephone is her best by far


Can’t Get You Out of My Head was a year after Groovejet.


BITT you’ve absolutely fucked it pal


Ah well then, it doesn’t count anyway as that would mean Last Christmas would be repping 2021 instead of 1984. Which would be silly

Yes, that’s fair

We have a new leader

Hit Me Baby One More Time is probably the last great number one thinking about it.

An instantly recognisable intro. An iconic video perhaps too although it wouldn’t make it passed the boardroom nowadays. But yeah, that song is probably the last great number one.

Absolute disgrace that Don’t Start Now and Physical weren’t number 1s, frankly

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Wait… was Toxic a #1?

Was that after Can’t Get you out of my head?

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Can’t believe The Ting Tings got to no. 1


Yup and yup

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Yes and Yes

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