Who Are The Biggest Band In The World

like, physically?

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Giant Sand?

Heavy D & the Boyz
Three Tenors


The Polyphonic Spree

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Earth, Wind and Fire. The latter two don’t weigh much but the first is 5.972 × 10^21 tonnes


Sun would weigh more. But I am probably the only person on the board who remembers Sun.

Yeah I was sure there’d be a band called Sun but I wasn’t aware of them without Googling. There must be one called Universe, I’d imagine?

They Might Be Giants

Or maybe Everything Everything


That’s like infinity to the power of infinity

Berlin Philharmonic?

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain? I assume they let anyone in who can go plunk


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Poison Idea.


Getting serious for a moment… I believe I read or heard somewhere that the biggest (most members) musical group in the world is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Or maybe it was just the largest group to have appeared on record.

Then again, if you stretch the definition of “musical group” you would have to include recordings where you hear a stadium full of soccer fans chanting their club chant (I think Pink Floyd had one of these).

The largest act to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 is the 320-person Mormon Tabernacle Choir, whose version of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” reached No. 13 according to The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits in 1959.

Imagine how warm the recording booth was

Too much Soup and not enough Bowling for these lads


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There actually appear to have been a number of bands called Sun over the years. This is the one I remember, in particular the song “Radiation Level”:

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Dunno about “biggest band”, but this one would have to be the loudest:

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