Why haven't any of you idiots started a cricket thread?


World record time?


4th successive ODI hundys as well. What a guy.


445 required


50 ahead of that score at the 27 over mark apparently. 500 might be on


One day cricket just isn’t as good is it


Worst format for sure


didn’t he not make hundreds the last 2 times?


↑ 100 ball man


yeah, he only managed three in a row


Good fun this. Records tumbling.


500 is still gettable


I quite like a one-day game. Especially when it comes to England. This has been an absolute joy to watch, but then i love watching people like Hales and Buttler having an absolute slog. Some of the One Day Cup games recently have been really great. There’s something particularly enjoyable about sacking work off for a pretty pointless one day county game.


looks like 500 is back on the menu, boys!


113 is the most ever conceded by a single bowler in an ODI. that might go too


I’m feeling so sorry for the Australian bowlers and fielders here.






I tried. I really tried.



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