Why? Is touring Alopecia in full




London is £27.50 btw - on sale tomorrow




There’s a Berlin show too, which is on sale now but doesn’t seem to have been advertised anywhere yet… https://puschen.tickets.de/en/tour/1000232-why_10_year_alopecia_anniversary_show


There’s a Dublin date on the Monday, too, now.


decided i cba


Got one - never seen them live before so pretty excited.

They’re on DICE btw so don’t pay any booking fees through the rip-off sites!


Minor flare-up on this not long ago


it better be in the dark corner of a basketball court


I’ll be trying to get guesties, will let you know how i get on :wink:


Face value is £25. Dice is charging a 10% booking fee.


Fair enough. Ignore me everyone! (Though still always use DICE over the rip-off sites)


Dice is no longer always the cheapest. It pays to shop around.


two weeks to go!

who’s in?

  • i’ll be proudly mouthing watermelon every song
  • down on my luck, caught unaware like houdini when the last fist struck

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Thanks for the reminder!


you going to Electric Ballroom aye?


yeah :slight_smile:

you gonna be there?


just putting my requests in now!




I keep reading this thread title as a question.