Why's the Resident Advisor site redesign so rubbish

annoying number of clicks needed to get to album reviews from the homepage

They got given a grant, and like everyone who’s ever received a grant, they just spent it in a way they will have instantly regretted.


It was over a million wasn’t it? Or was that Boiler Room. Should have just given it to TWTMEGP instead.

All my homies HATE :imp: Resident Advisor

are they cool? what site do they use?

I know people in a different forum generally dislike the site for reasons that are not clear to me, I’ve never used it. It was funny when Omar S named his album ‘Fuck Resident Advisor’

Their ticketing platform has been screwing smaller promoters for a very long time, but it’s them getting bailed out (and building the new awful website in the process).

What is resident advisor?

Their offices are two mins from my flat. They look very cool, like. Like they have money. Funny, they had the same premises before lockdown, before all the cash. Hm.

Lot of issues with RA and its coverage of non-white artists etc. This open letter is HUGE but really worth the read. It took me a while and also it’s very graphic intensive for phones so that was a bit annoying but still.



It’s not completely dunking on them though and it seems like they are also keen to try to effect some change (and it’s also talking about others, not just RA).

I think this was in part a response to it and may be referenced in the blogs.

What are the alternatives to RA? I suppose that’s the problem. Redesign is awful, history is patchy (although that goes for a ton of places, and at least RA are visibly trying to do something about that) but I don’t know who else does what they do to any sort of standard. There’s so many electronic releases that having some sort of gatekeeper is useful to me.

Feel much the same as I do about P4K. They used to be a bit dickish but they had conviction in what they did, and they helped me discovery some of the most interesting music I own. Now they’ve both lost their way to varying degrees, but I don’t know where else to go for that stuff.

Spotify’s algorithms are way worse. You liked that so you’ll LOVE this just means you listen to a variation of the same record over and over. 6Music is fine, but pick a genre and it’s the most sanitised version of that genre you can get (in the daytime at least, but some of the nighttime shows too).

Our lovely forum here is obviously great. But where else? CMG gone, TMT gone. Quietus is good but coverage is patchy compared to P4K, RA…


Up the RA