Wide Awake Festival

Bailed as Floating Points started because it was suddenly baggies as far as the eye could see and I was feeling wiped out. Very good day though.

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Clearly lots of issues, had fun though! Both The Horrors and Modern Woman had to cut their sets short, lots of sound issues for Primal Scream, and also read that the disabled viewing platform for the main stage wasn’t built until 6:30 yesterday which is quite the disgrace. Got the impression that a lot of artists had a bit of a shite time if you look at @theyisgrove’s Twitter feed.

Never seemed to be much of a queue at the food/bar, which was all incredibly varied (and they had the Dosa stall from EOTR!). Also the seats by the Brixton Brewery stage were proper comfy.

Bought an early bird ticket based on what seemed to be the incredible value of last year’s one, and even though I’m not arsed about Primal Scream, it still seemed great value overall. But it’s all so messy it’s hard not to think that a lot of people will err on the side of caution about buying tickets to future ones, even if there is a 23 one.

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Anyone see Special Interest?

Yes. They were great fun.

Also enjoyed Melts, Elena Colombi, Highschool, Yard Act, Tropical Fuck Storm and Boy Harsher.

A far lower attendance than last year so never any queues for food or drink, and very easy to get a good view of any band you’d want to see.


My first festival in four years and I had a really fun day. There were some sound issues and confusion over stage times but nothing that threatened to spoil it at all. The bars were too expensive but I barely queued at all which was nice. Some thoughts on the music.

Nation of Language - not as good as on record but I enjoyed them. A good start to the festival. They were clearly having a blast.
Yard Act - they have some good songs but I found them a bit embarrassing. I think they are trying too hard and the Roadrunner cover with Katy J Pearson reading the lyrics off her phone was quite hard to watch.
Fat White Family - loved it.
Billy Nomates - only saw a handful of songs but she was great. Really good energy.
The Horrors - I’m not into the newer songs and the sound was rubbish. Went on pretty late and their set seemed to be cut short. Enjoyed Still Life, Something to Remember Me By and Sea Within a Sea though.
Alex Cameron - very flat with quite dodgy sound. Felt a bit sorry for him. Left halfway through to go to see Primal Scream.
Primal Scream - have never seen them before. I was quite drunk by this point but really enjoyed it and had a bit of a dance. VERY dodgy sound again.

Would definitely go again although as someone said earlier it doesn’t seem like some of the artists had very good experiences of the festival. Oh and I paid full price and felt like it was really good value for money.


I have a spare ticket for this today if anyone needs one.

Who’s this ‘huge’ headliner then?

Something like Idles or King Gizzard probably. Both around next spring/summer

Idles have already done it. So would have to be considered bigger than Idles. Guess Gizzle Wizzle would be

Idles played in 2021

Idles didn’t actually headline in 2021, they played an afternoon set.

“As voted for by you”? Anyone vote in this?

They were billed as headliners though, the reason they played in the afternoon was becaause they had to hotfoot it to a show in Bristol that night, they had comfortably the largest crowd of the day too. Felt a bit bad for shame tbh because they became de facto headliners with a much smaller/less enthusiastic crowd

They’re using the old ATP vs The Fans results and going down the list.

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LCD Soundsystem? New Order?

Tough to think of bands that fit WA’s mould and would be significantly bigger headliners than what’s come before. Then again, Caroline Polachek was the main headliner this year, so could be the main stage will move in a poppier direction.

Finally, Weezer get their dues


Shellac to become the new house band


Maybe Fontaines D.C?

King Gizzard seems like a good shout.

How about Mitski?

Would guess Charli XCX based on pretty much nothing.


I’ve changed my mind. It’ll be Martha, by a landslide.