Wide Awake Festival

Already mentioned in a few other topics but this is a strong lineup:


Heads up that the 5th is a Friday

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No Timmy Mallet? (Repeating my previous comment.)

Brilliant line up but a pain in the arse for me to get to.

Friday?! Not ideal.


Feels like theres about 100 festivals with these kinda lineups now.

At the same location:

  • Saturday: Mighty Hoopla
  • Sunday: Cross The Tracks

These 3 festivals will undoubtedly share the same infrastructure.

As mentioned in the Primavera thread, I’ve booked a ticket. Not too bad for me to get to (Medway Towns->Bromley South->Herne Hill), so long as there’s no after-hours stuff.

Really good line-up for the price.

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Was anything actually held at Brockwell Park this year? Not sure if I’ve ever heard any feedback over what it’s like as a festival location.

Amazed the council gave a license to use the park again after Field Day. Let’s hope they sort the layout out/remove that stage Four Yet was on completely.

Don’t think it was used this year.

oh no, how terrible

whereas finally, a gig I can reach within half an hour from my house

why not?

Shame they couldn’t stretch to Michaela Strachan either.


Ah OK, I got confused at to when Field Day moved and couldn’t remember whether it actually went there in the end at all.

Just reading the 2018 review and it seems all issues were around the safety of The Barn? That seemed to work pretty well during the Aphex Twin FD. Was it just that it was smaller this time or had they changed the layout?

As mentioned up thread, the Mighty Hoopla and Cross The Tracks were on. I went to both and they were totally fine. This looks like an even smaller scale than those.


Tickets booked, early bird tickets are less than £30, be rude not to!


The Barn was a lot smaller at Brockwell Park but they made a mess of the access to it - it was right on the boundary of the festival site and everyone had to funnel through a single section to get in and out. That in itself created problems all day, but was coupled with the fact that Four Tet was headlining at a time nobody else was playing in a tent I doubt half the people attending could have got into.

Missed these which is gutting :worried: Next year :grinning:

Ah right. Well, doesn’t look like The Barn was used at either Mighty Hoopla or Cross The Tracks this year, and the “main stage” was outdoor. So hopefully we won’t get that happening again.

Looking forward to this.

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This is a fucking cracking line up for a fucking cracking price :+1:

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This looks absolutely fantastic. Has a real early Field Day look to it.

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Just booked mine as well. Woohoo off to see Girl Band again. :grinning::heart_eyes::+1: