World cup 2018: day one


Opening ceremony followed by today’s only game
Russia vs. Saudi Arabia (4pm)

  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Draw

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  • Taking time off work to watch
  • Not at work at kickoff
  • WFH/sneakily watching at my desk
  • Watching with my employers permission
  • Not watching today’s soccer

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To be clear, I’m only not watching it as I’ll be in work and it won’t be possible.


TV schedule for today:

2:30 PM Opening Ceremony (ITV)
4:00 PM Russia v Saudi Arabia (ITV)
11:15 PM Match Of The Day (BBC2)


ITV? fucks sake. World cup ruined


Clive Tyldesley, Sam Matterface, Jon Champion and Joe Speight will be on the microphone alongside co-commentators Glenn Hoddle, Ally McCoist and Iain Dowie.


At the end, when one of the teams have won, do the audience sing “He’s got the world cup, in his hands! He’s got the whole world cup, in his hands!” etc.?


Oh wait, Super Ally you say?! In that case I’ll only be watching the World Cup in its entirety on ITV! :grinning:


The greatest world cup opening fixture of our time
Germany 2006
Absolute dinger. 2 belters. Paulo Wanchope (I think)



When’s engerlunds first game?


Monday. 7pm


We made it guys


Sneaking off early and hoping no one notices


won’t be able to concentrate at all today, because of Russia - Saudi Arabia


Best World Cup game of all time for me. Had turned 18 a couple weeks before and had been away in the interim so it doubled as my birthday party. I drank so many double vodka and cokes at The Swan in Mansfield


Not going to watch todays match.
Terrible timing, but I’m going to Ireland today to spend time with people who don’t even know that there is a football tournament on.

Enjoy the match…I hope all the dings are humming.


Other - I’m recording it all to try and avoid result and watch it when I get home


Saudi seem good value in the betting markets





Worth a punt I’d say. They gave Germany a test in that friendly the other day. They play with a high press and are meant to be quite a useful side.