WORLD CUP! day 24 - quarter finals

:sweden: SWEDEN v ENGLAND :wait a second... this is a FAKE emoji!!:

3pm, BBC

:soccer: :soccer: :soccer:

:ru: RUSSIA v CROATIA :croatia:

7pm, ITV

I think it’s fair that I speak for the entire rest of the world when I say COME ON SWEDEN


Can see the England game being low scoring, tight and tense/dull.

Not sure if Russia can raise their game again :syringe: or which version of Croatia will turn up :man_shrugging:

Any selection headaches for the G-unit?

Alli doesn’t seem fit enough to play…

Also this bet between Becks and Zlatan

  • Good natured shabs
  • Needy attention seeking
  • Other

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Think England will be lose to Sweden but I can see them getting past Croatia or Russia pretty easily


Don’t know what bet you’re talking about, but Beckham is one of the neediest men on the planet, so I’ve voted accordingly.

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Zlatan’s is quite funny. Beckham’s response is a bit needy.

I have this feeling that I can’t lose today

but also that I’m guaranteed to be disappointed


SWEENG will probably be an exercise in watching paint dry, might be a good opportunity for England to show everyone how excellent they are at pentalities again.

I’m nervous already lads

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As someone who tentatively defended the Martinez appointment from the start even I’m pretty stunned by last night, wasn’t sure they had that win in them. Guess i need to rewatch to see how much they rode their luck in the 2nd half.

Probably my best ever football watching experience where i wasn’t attending the match. Amazing seeing people going mad in the streets all night, hope regardless of what happens now this has had a short term unifying effect on the country.

Reading some Flemish match reports and saw one describing KDB as a snow leopard, big fan of that analogy


On the train back down to my hometown to go and have a kickabout with mates on the rec we used to bunk off school to play football on before going to watch England in the quarter final of a World Cup in the pub that used to serve us when we were underage. Can’t wait!


Cannot get Three Lions out of my head today.


when Lineker scored


Reckon there’ll be an early goal that will turn both teams tactical approach upside down and the whole match will turn into a low quality but entertaining plethora of goalmouth scrambles and meaty tackles, defensive mistakes and gifted goals. 3-2 to Sweden aet

Dutch ref!

The first half bra had a few chances that could’ve swung the momentum. Great performance from bel though. Other than Marcelo (who they stopped using for some reason?) bel we’re better all over the park imo

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