World Snooker Championship 2017



Yeah Ronnie wants to fucking smash him and it looks like he’s doing so. Not really seen Ronnie in this frame of mind at the Crucible before - he’s pumped. Normally you would say he doesn’t win this way - he can only win when he’s been through the zen mill. But on this form, who knows?

Hope he beats the fat magician with a session to spare.


Why don’t people like Shaun Murphy?

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t like the bloke either and it’s mighty pleasing to see Ronnie taking him apart one limb at a time. But, my dislike of him feels pretty irrational… I can’t pin down the reason at all.

And couldn’t agree more about Marco Fu’s comeback against Luca Brecel too. I’d love to see Marco go all the way.


20 years ago today, this was:




He’s irritating in that kind of I-speak-my-mind kind of way. Can be refreshing, but can also be really unnecessary like when he went after Ronnie about 10 years ago for getting special discretion for not doing press conferences on account of his mental health issues at the time.

The reason I don’t like him is because it’s a pretty open secret in the snooker world that he was one of the two players who voted against Paul Hunter’s ranking being frozen for a year while he had treatment for the cancer that he, sadly, never made it back to the game from. Obviously if I’m wrong on this point then I will fully retract but, if he was one of them he can get squarely fucked as far as I’m concerned.


Thanks - that’s some decent context around the general dislike that seems to permeate towards Murphy.

If that thing around Hunter’s ranking is true, then absolutely, he can totally get fucked.


Yeah well that and the fact that he’s a cocky, chubby Christian - never a combo that’s going to endear you to anyone.

Have to say though that he’s very gracious on the table and in defeat etc. and is very good to watch when he’s on form. So he’s a model pro in many regards too.


he’s a wank.

once demanded that maguire get docked a frame because he had to run back to the dressing room when he forgot his chalk. maguire still beat him lol.


i did not know this, what a fud. didn’t like him anyway but now i like him even less


cocaine is a helluva drug.


Oh yeah AND that.


Who was the other player?


Don’t know. I think it was the top 64 who got the vote at the time so probably someone no-one’s ever heard of.


Ronnie’s 9-3 up now. Looks like Murphy’s going home.



also, do we have any idea who the second player to vote against freezing Hunter’s ranking was?


aah i see you’ve answered my question upthread


Colin Murray on Eurosport is dreadful. He doesn’t let anyone speak when he’s asking the worlds longest most drawn out questions!


Come on Kyren :smiley:


Didn’t realise Liang was such a barrel of laughs.

Great bunch o’ lads.


Marco Fu’s watch