World Snooker Championship 2017



Starts on Saturday. Final qualifying is happening NOW. Shame Reanne Evans didn’t make it.

What do we reckon? Trump is rightly the favourite - having a hell of a year and banged in another maximum the other week too.

Could be a year for one of the young Chinese lads you know. Xiao Goudong and Yan Bingtao have both booked their seats at the Crucible.

Anthony McGill’s finally made it in as a seed. He’s got the game to go all the way in Sheffield. Stephen Maguire’s back as well and he looks up for it. Ronnie and Ding are in #headsgone territory so don’t expect much from those lads.

It gets more impossible to call each year. I’ve plumped for Ballrun at 20/1.


It’s difficult to call, yes. I like watching Trump but he just sometimes lacks that killer instinct for me, too often ends up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory when that shouldn’t happen. That said, he is on form, and I didn’t see any of the China Open, which he won, so idk.


I’m also a bit pissed off that Peter sodding Ebdon’s managed to qualify.


Yeah beating Michael Holt n all who always brings a bit of the old bants.

The flipside of snooker being so wide open these days is that it could easily be a Murphy/Higgins final or something equally awful.


First round draw here:

McGill v Maguire and Murphy v Yan Bingtao probably the picks of these, Bingham v Ebdon one to avoid.

Bit disappointed Mark Williams didn’t get through, always been a big fan of his.


Who would you most like to win it?

Who do you think will win it?

Biggest shock?
Wilson to make the semis.


been ages since ronnie won one, hope he smashes it


I think we’ll probably all safely agree that so long as the jelly baby-headed twat Murphy doesn’t win it it’ll be fine.


Fucking awesome opening weekend. Talking points:

Yan gave a great account of himself against the Smurph. Shame it was a fluke that sent Murphy into the match winning opportunity because he was on the ropes for the last stretch.

Absolute classic last night between Fu and Brecel. Amazing comeback. Think Brecel’s a bit full of himself tbh so good that he took a right humbling.

Jester’s looking in top nick. Best player in the world by miles - will probably win it again. Bingham edged past EBDON in what would have been a torturous experience.

Not sure about all of this Ronnie stuff. Definitely implies he’s not in the right frame of mind to win it. I’m minded to side with Shaun Murphy’s assessment of it all to be honest. Can take into account Ronnie being a bit fragile on occasion but at the end of the day if he breaks the rules he gets a ticking off. He can’t just do what he wants. Either way their 2nd round match is going to be a banger.


Oh and good to see Maggi back and up for it. Absolutely demolished McGill. Need that lad back in the top 16 - he’s too good not to be.


Trump (459 career century breaks so far, age 27) is currently 8-6 down to Rory McLeod (76 career century breaks so far, age 46)

fascinating stuff

20 points each on the board currently… 19 minutes into the frame

as commentary has just pointed out, lots of messy frames which i find the most enjoyable


Read someone describe Peter Ebdon as the human embodiment of tl;dr the other day and it made me laugh


And now Trump’s out. Wouldn’t have predicted that result in fairness, notwithstanding my comment up thread about him sometimes being a bit shaky.


Shoulder injury apparently.

Odd result but McLeod was always going to be a nightmare draw for Judd. He was either going to smash him up or get ground down and have a long, arduous defeat. The latter happened.

Reckon Maggi’s gonna do him in the 2nd round with a session to spare.


Yep, no chance he’ll get past Maguire.


Once gave Luca brecel directions to the Hexagon in Reading.


Also, does Stephen Maguire look like Dawn’s boyfriend in The Office or is just me?


Ronnie looking pretty solid against Murphy atm, which is good to see for two reasons.


Pfft, once saw Judd Trump in WH Smith’s at Cardiff Central station.


I’d have put my last pound on Trump at least making the final.

Looks very open now. It’d be nice if Robertson could get Selby out of the way.