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Hey everyone

Brand new to the forum, my names tezzyfur84 , because I’m in the furry fandom, which makes me cool :metal:look forward to posting but today I could really use some help

I’m trying to write an article on times bands conceived of and/or attempted ideas and projects that could be perceived as borderline insanity. To give an example, the Beatles both tried to option the Lord of the Rings movie and but an island set up a creative commune. I’ve got a few examples, the afore mentioned Beatles ones, Radio heads hilarious attempt to let fans pay what they liked for in rainbows, the antics of a singer named Jobriath. I could really use a hand to come up with some more, so if you know any band projects that’d have anyone else sectioned let me know, I’ll do the research but pointers would be helped. This is mainly going to be musician related but if you know of film makers or artists who climbed mount crazy then I can include them to

Many thanks everyone


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones once considered knocking on wood


Whats the furry fandom?


Maybe look at the Monkees movie Head, that is nuts


I remember thinking that the success of For Emma, Forever Ago had gone to Bon Iver’s head when he vowed in a Pitchfork interview that he would make sharks extinct within the year using only his bare fists


It’s a community where people dress up as anthropomorphic animals, fursuiting as it’s know, do drawings, meet up, act silly. I’ve always had a silly side and it’s super gay so handy to chat with other gay people :smile:


The Flaming Lips’ 4-disc album Zaireeka.


That rapper who’s currently trying to crowdfund a study into the world being flat.


That sounds interesting, which rapper was it?


hi maosm



Sufjan’s 50 state project. Although always seemed like that was a little bit in jest.


That band that got money for a video and juSt chucked it at people in a train station.


That guy who texted all his mates to form a superband



Huh, any idea who it was?


i guess the 24 hour song and all that stuff too


this alien shit that Tom DeLonge is doing now


Thanks everyone, these are great, amazing how much crazy shit is done by musicians. Keep them coming, really appreciated


I love all the stuff so far but this is my favorite and exactly what I’m looking for, thanks