You can no longer make unfounded statments without being held to account!

With easy access to google there’s always some dweeb waiting to pick you up on some inaccuracy. Have you ever been made to look silly by making a unfounded statement or looked like a champ by embarrassing someone who has?

There was this time I won a popular election despite spouting nothing but total horseshit for the entire campaign.

really irks me when people look stuff up in the middle of a conversation


I think all of us at one point or another have been politely corrected by Marckee on here and we are all particularly thankful for that during the festive period.


If you are referring to Trump that’s a very god point maybe it is coming back in fashion

Its cheating in the old days you had to win an argument through shomanship

or punching.

Yeah, Trump, Brexit and the like of the Sun, Mail and Express show that this isn’t really the case, is it?

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This is fucking wonderful work, holding someone to account for an unfounded statement about how you can’t make unfounded statements any more. You are an artist.

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You beat me to it

My dad and I were arguing last night over whether it’s “fortune favours the bold” or “fortune favours the brave”. Large wagers were made. I looked it up after and apparently both are fine as translations

I keep pretty quiet about it but I secretly loathe this, yes.