Your favourite album in each of your teenage years



Or from whatever age you starting having favourite albums.

They don’t have to have come out the year that they were your favourite album, just what you liked most at that age.

Didn’t think that hard about it tbh, probably forgotten loads of stuff.

11 - Nirvana Unplugged (gateway drug)
12 - Dookie, Green Day (pre teen pop punk classic)
13 - Definitely Maybe, Oasis (obvs)
14 - Word Gets Around, Stereophonics (re-listened to this last night on a long drive for a laugh. It was awful. Inspiration for the thread)
15 - Bring It On, Gomez (embarassingly wrote an essay in an English GCSE exam about one of the songs on this. A, natch)
16 - Odgen’s Nut Gone Flake, The Small Faces (not sure about this one tbh but I know I listened to a lot of 60s stuff around this time)
17 - Grace, Jeff Buckley (a cool older cousin gave me this when he saw some of the shite I was listening to)
18 - Kid A, Radiohead (liked their previous albums better probably but was well into this at the time, and was a bit of a gateway into lots of other stuff)


@plasticniki @Parsefone etc can someone categorize this piece of shit please


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@Smee no


Good idea.

11 - Michael Jackson - Dangerous
12 - Oasis - What’s the Story…
13 - Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
14 - Nirvana - Nevermind
15 - Blink 182 - The Mark, Tom & Travis Show
16 - Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness
17 - Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows
18 - Deftones - Deftones
19 - Hope of the States - The Lost Riots

For the record, I fucking LOATHE Oasis.


I’m 41, I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday let alone what was my favourite album when I was 15.


U can just make it up it’s fine


Couldn’t give you specific years, but the overall progression goes something like this:

ABBA - The Singles: The First Ten Years
Eurythmics - Be Yourself Tonight (will still happily fight anyone who wants to diss the 'Rythmics)
U2 - War
U2 - The Joshua Tree
Sisters of Mercy - First & Last & Always
Pixies - Doolittle
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures


Frutellis- Here we stand
eels- daisies of the galaxy
blink182- takeoff ect
Kanye- MBDTF
Kanye Yeezus
Silver Jews- american water
Beatles- Abbey Road


actually, that’s bollocks. I can sort of remember. Here goes.

Loosely from 12 to 15 it went like this.

Level 42 - Running in the Family
Lloyd Cole - Lloyd Cole
U2 - The Joshua Tree
The Wedding Present - Bizarro


you were one of those kids at school who had a new look every year weren’t you - full nu metal wih those weird stringy shorts and people=cunts one year, baseball caps and puffa jackets the next etc


not the one I would have felt the need to distance myself from tbh


Which one then?


Blink 182 for me, but I never liked them so it’s ok. (I wouldn’t take this as a dig, I’m happy standing by Oasis ffs)


13 - Be Here Now, Oasis
14 - Follow The Leader, Korn
15 - White Pony, Deftones
16 - Relationship of Command, ATDI
17 - Hatful of Hollow, The Smiths
18 - Superunknown, Soundgarden
19 - Surfer Rosa, Pixies


Had this on yesterday for the first time in ages, still love it


Naw! I’m seeing it as a dig, LET’S FIGHT!!

Nah, fair enough. No offence taken. I still enjoy them for nostalgic value, they’ve had some bangers.


But at least I know I wasn’t a teenager when I was 11


or from whatever age etc mate. jeeeeez


No my school had a uniform