Your favourite scripted TV shows that are still on the air

what u into huns

The Simpsons doesn’t count

All I can really think of that i’ve got ongoing are:
Better Call Saul
Dead Pixels
Black Mirror
Mythic Quest
Inside No 9
The Trip
The Wilds
Search Party

GLOW would’ve been there but Netflix are dickheads

tell me what needs to go on my list pls

not seen it since it moved to Sky

The Circle

Always Sunny… Although the last two seasons have been pretty dissapointing

oh yeah of course! how did I remember Mythic Quest but not Always Sunny

Haven’t seen MQ. Any good?

The News #makesuthink

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Reception was mixed on here iirc. I really liked it. They also did maybe the only covid/zoom based special episode that I enjoyed

Is the end of the fucking world finished forever? If not that’s quite good

I thought it was but… Maybe not?

Two months ago I would have said Spiral, but then it ended, so now literally the only one I can think of is Vera.

Spiral was still on?!

Final series was a banger, get on it

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Never Have I Ever, Pose, Derry Girls, Sex Education

Also still watching Stranger Things and Killing Eve but wouldn’t describe as favourites.


I assumed Derry Girls had finished, is that not right?

Nope, third season is filming this year


Fucking yes

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Oh, and You. Trashy/nonsense as fuck but I hated not having a new season to watch on Boxing Day last year!

Think new seasons have been confirmed for all of these:

What We Do in the Shadows
For All Mankind
I Think You Should Leave
Derry Girls
His Dark Materials
Big Mouth
I Hate Suzie
Always Sunny
Stranger Things

That’s just a few


Young offenders (esp if you like Derry girls)