I’ve been listening to him a bit recently and he has some good hooks. Mainly inoffensive rocklite but I’m a sucker for that. Feel like some peeps might be into it @Avery @Gnometorious?

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Think I’d only heard the name before, because of the Reading festival line up this year, but he was on at the same time as Kim Petras. Think gnome’s sister might have gone to watch him, idk.

Caught a bit of this chap’s set on the Radio 1 Big Weekend on iPlayer and I have never been so confused. His big song seems to be a direct lift of Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus except without the irony, like a cartoon Nirvana doing a version of that “Might as well go and eat worms” song you sang in primary school. Except apparently he’s dead serious and all his fans think he’s The Most Important Artist Speaking About My Life Today?

Anyway, this concludes today’s edition of “Old man tells kids they’re doing music wrong”.


Music industry’s been trying their damndest to make this guy a thing even harder than they have with Harry Styles (at least he has a good song now.)

Sure he’s a nice chap and all and good luck to the the kids who’re the right age for it but wouldn’t half be nice if him and his committee could write something that’s got a longer shelf life than a pint of milk.

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Apparently he got, like, 4 NME awards in one year, but that Wheatus single only got to number 78 in the UK. The crowd at the Big Weekend seemed into it, though. Fully weird.

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Shall I see if we can get a deal if we both join Camra?

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Had to turn them off when I caught their set this weekend. It’s weird because when I’ve heard a song on the radio I’ve had to ask who it was because I was in to (feel like some of them have sounded a bit MCRish?) but yeah he just jumped around the stage asking people to jump most of the set.

Saw him play with a massive stage setup at Reading last year and he was very entertaining. Still not really my thing, but he’s a fun performer.

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