2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Each to their own, I guess. For me those tracks are classics, but standard boom bap rap. Whereas on BoBS he really comes into his own style and swagger and it's that which his legacy comes from rather than the early Soundbombing tracks.


here's a rare pete rock remix that features some of my favourite Mos Def verses, worth a look

I second making listening to The Ecstatic a, ahem, priority


This track is super cheesy, and contradicts my previous posts, but whatever...


Re: black on both sides being classic, lets not forget how great this standout is (21 million views for a youtube bootleg upload.....!)


Great track BUT it's such a Premier-by-numbers beat. Listen to something like Non-Phixion's Rockstars and its exactly the same.


Enjoying this Camp Lo demos thing,


Rarely if ever bother with demos things but I might make an exception here.


Yeah, same. This has a lot of stuff I've not heard before so thought it warranted a purchase.


Where I stand on Mos atm is that he's a bit overrated I guess? I like him but feel his profile is a little inflated. I think Black Star is pretty overrated at this point. four great tracks and some other fine songs I dont care about. BOBS is his best I think but the production def feels very of its time, lyrically he was on fire tho, mathematics a+ obv. New Danger is kinda underrated to me, so many weird ideas and so many bad songs kinda masks the handful of classic tracks on there. By the time the Ecstatic came around I was cooled on him so it was a really nice surprise how good it was. Casa Bey is a top 5 mos song for me. Maybe the best thing to do with Mos might be to make a playlist of all his greats.


very excited to learn of this


listened to Coolie High Is Life and can see I'll be spending some serious quality time with this. the beats and lyrics are all different? it feels like discovering a new lost classic 90s camp lo album more than a demos collection?


New Raekwon LP. Probably gonna be shite


probably yea but maybe not, obfcl2 was pretty great altho i dont really go back to it to get a wu fix any more.


This is a great way to get into Mos, so I echo that.

And that Ecstatic track is one of my favourite hip hop tracks of all time. That Slick Rick verse man...


Yeah, exactly what I like about it. So good.

An ageing hip hop listener can quite easily subsist on reissues from the 90s. Chopped Herring are constantly putting out interesting lost gems. Really enjoying the Shadez of Brooklyn CD.


On the topic of Mos, this is obviously a ridiculously good effort from everyone involved but I love his hook on this:


Love this track, Jay Elec seems to be ripe for ridicule these days but this verse is superb. I haven't listened to Pilot Talk 1 and 2 for a while, but how strong were those albums?! Curren$y has put out some good stuff since (I enjoyed his EP with Alchemist) but has never really hit those heights again IMO.

Didn't even realise he'd dropped Pilot Talk III - did anyone listen to it?


Yeah it was pretty good but not quite up to the strength of that run. Me and my mate went absolutely crazy for him around that time, Address is permanently etched into my brain now!!


Also poor old jay elec. Control was the final nail in the coffin really. Always a chance he could come from nowhere and drop another exhibit C, seems pretty unpredictable (other than being able to predict that his album won't come out)...


entirely worthwhile addition to the Pilot Talk series IMO, i love it, very worth your time