2018 January Film DiScussion Thread



Yeah seems pretty good, they followed in Curzon and ditched zero hour contracts


Just watched Children of Men. Thought it was quite good but needed a stronger ending.


Went to see Princess Cyd tonight as part of the Unknown Pleasures festival which is a mini American indie fest in Berlin.

It was really, really great! Quite a simple coming of age/out story of a teenage girl visiting her auntie in Chicago and things persuing but just really well told and very funny and charming and brilliantly performed by a basically unknown cast and just yeah.

It was at London Film Fest last year and by the sounds of the director Stephen Cone (who was at the screening) suggested it has been picked up for distribution in UK/Europe this year, just date hasn’t been confirmed yet. Worth a watch if you can catch it.


Ha, that’s my local cinema! :+1:

Cheers moanyspit :slight_smile:


Children of Men has strangely got thia rep as a modern classic. Its quite good but nothing more


I think it’s genius, Cuaron is a fantastic director.


Watcheda Eight Days A Week.

Thought as a doc, it didnt really tell me anything new and it felt a bit rushed but the liver performances look and sound amazing. I think really it shouldve been two films. One where its a straight documentary with no music and just the story, and one solely of the performances through the years




Seems unusally cynical for @AphexTwinkletoes


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

I liked it, not sure I loved it though. Feels like 7/10 maximum at the moment. Utterly baffled what people find so offensive about the film though. The bit with Willoughby’s suicide note to his wife was quite moving.


brigsby bear is pretty great



I agree about yr spoilered bit; that, and a number of other moments (some of which quite unexpectedly) got me emotionally throughout


The racist and homophobic characters I guess? I agree it’s a solid 7/10


I thought that bit was moving and also pretty funny with the way he got back at mildred from beyond the grave. I do in general have a bit of an issue with using suicide as a plot device but it was done pretty well. when willloughby’s wife drops off the letter and the kids are in the back of the car, that really got me


I really REALLY disliked Three Billboards. I don’t know where to start, let’s go for the lesser issues. The acting is pretty ropey throughout but especially Woody Harrelson’s wife (what the fuck was that accent) and Frances McDormant’s son (the scene where he gets angry about the billboards in the car and slams his door is one of the most bizarrely written and acted scenes I’ve seen in ages). Frances was fine but felt really one note to me, so not understanding the awards buzz about her either.

Then there’s the reliance on coincidence Oh they’re both in the same hospital! Oh two people in a completely empty bar decide to sit next to the one other person in the bar to loudly declare he committed a crime! Oh she’s in the same restaurant as her ex husband!

Then there’s the plotting, characters given no back story and ridiculous twists The colleague from the gift shop who disappears to go to prison and when is released THREE WEEKS LATER doesn’t seem angry or upset about it, even though the reality of PoC being jailed for drug offences in the states is infamously incredibly harsh, but McDonagh doesn’t seem arsed about that. Also, why does Woody Harrelson carry on working when he’s very ill? Is it expected in American working culture to carry on working unless you’re about to drop dead? That’s a genuine question btw. Why do people seem to treat her rage at her daughter being raped, murdered and burnt only 7 months previous as aggressive and not something that is totally understandable, no one seems to empathise with her outside of her family? Why is her ex husband dating someone younger and his past as a wife abuser not treated anywhere near as seriously as it should be? What was with all the fucking “midget” jokes?

But the biggest problem I had with it was the Sam Rockwell character and that his racism was treated almost like a joke. He talks about torturing a black person in custody and it barely gets challenged. He then gets a redemption arch which is so misjudged and undeserved - then again I found it impossible to root for anyone in this

I’m not sober so this is probably rambly but I am baffled this is getting the reception it has.


Just watched The Shawshank Redemption for the first time in maybe 15 years or so. It’s grand like, a 7 or maybe 8 out of 10 but I don’t really see what makes it stand out above any other film.


“Why” :grinning:


watched Good Time. thought it was a bit shit actually



Hits many of the usual Pixar plot points, but it’s great fun all the same. Amazing to look at and the ending is very touching.