2019 Album of the year [so far]


use this thread to propose some albums for others to consider to listen to, because I liked this the last time we did it :slight_smile:

Thought the new Kevin Abstract was unfairly maligned, it’s pretty raw and imo way better than IGOR.

Billie Eilish grew on me a lot since I first heard it. Some great bits and it allows me to feel like I am a young person.

anyone else?

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I’ve had a bit of a slow year tbh, but these are my favourites thus far…


That Housewives album deserves so much more attention than it got. I’ve absolutely rinsed that album. Post-punk band discovers electronics done in the best way. Dormi is a particular favourite:

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Big Thief
Sharon Van Etten
American Football
Holly Herndon
The National (maybe, haven’t made my mind up about it yet)

Good year so far :+1:


No order

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Ooh forgot about ‘thank u, next’. Pretty great, that

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Kind of having a slow year too, but here are ten full lengths that range somewhere from good to great (posted in the order I listened to them, I have no idea how to rank these).

Pedro the Lion - Phoenix
Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow
The Twilight Sad - It Won/t Be Like This All the Time
MONO - Nowhere Now Here
Better Oblivion Community Center - S/T
Spielbergs - This Is Not the End
Priests - The Seduction of Kansas
Big Thief - U.F.O.F.
The National - I Am Easy to Find

I’m not fully there on The National yet but I’m guessing I will be soon. People are really sleeping on that Pedro the Lion album, and I’m surprised that the SASAMI album isn’t making a bigger impact. The Spielbergs album will probably be my most listened to, it’s great.

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Pye Corner Audio


The Japanese House - Good at Falling
Alt-pop/electronic/rnb/everything perfection

Holly Herndon - Proto
Electronic/vocal experimentation

Porya Hatami, Aaron Martin, Roberto Attanasio - Sallaw
Modern classical / ambient


Dawn Richard - New Breed



Kyle Bobby Dunn ‘From Here To Eternity’
Sharon Van Etten ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’
Gavin Miller ‘3 Days’ EP
Better Oblivion Community Center
Sjars Mons ‘Njord’ EP
Black Taffy ‘Elder Mantis’
Julia Jacklin ‘Crushing’
Porya Hatami, Roberto Attansio, Aaron Martin ‘Sallow’
Lunaria ‘Mist and Light’
Thomas William Hill ‘Grains of Space’
American Football ‘LP3’
Strand of Oaks ‘Eraserland’
Floating Points ‘Late Night Tales’
Pirate Ship Quintet ‘Emiiter’
Paula Temple ‘Edge of Everything’

outside of the popular names, most of those fall in the ambient/drone/modern comp. realm. Great year so far!


Strong first half of the year so far…

Press Club
James Blake
Better Oblivion Community Center
Julia Jacklin
The Comet is Coming
Vampire Weekend
Big Thief
The National


It’s currently between these…

and these heavier albums…


Pye Corner Audio
Mary Lattimore & Mac McCaughan
Little Simz
Maja S. K. Ratkje
PJ Harvey
Caterina Barbieri
Holly Herndon
Kassel Jaeger
Tim Hecker

Billie Eilish and The Comet is Coming are duking it out in my brain for the best album of the year so far title.

Now there’s a collaborative project I would pay good money to hear.

This so much!

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Listened to the solange album off the back of this thread, really enjoyed it. Would love to hear Gucci mane over more stuff like that track, it was absolutely shocking in the best way!

Still so much to catch up on though!

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