A Critical Reappraisal of Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill 23 years on



Was a big deal at the time, gets a lot of stick nowadays, but deservedly so?

  • Liked it then, like it now
  • Liked it then, indifferent to it now
  • Liked it then, don’t like it now
  • Indifferent to it then, like it now
  • Indifferent to it then, indifferent to it now
  • Indifferent to it then, don’t like it now
  • Didn’t like it then, like it now
  • Didn’t like it then, indifferent to it now
  • Didn’t like it then, don’t like it now

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I think it got a few reapraisal and oral history of articles earlier in the year.


I wasn’t born then. Probably would have disliked it to be deliberately contrary, but quite like it now. Everyone seems to love it now


I like the secret track about breaking into a your ex boyfriends house and smelling his clothes and stuff like that


Pretty good in Dogma as God though wasn’t she?


Never heard it. Maybe I should listen to it!


Did she watch him write an essay and keep a log in sharpie by any chance?


funny it’s being talked about a lot on here today, I just walked past our reception where the radio was playing Ironic

now isn’t that a coincidence


I very much do not get this reference


Ironic is still overplayed and I find it really annoying. Same goes for You Oughta Know.

I like Hand In My Pocket though.


singles were alright for mid 90s radio fare, no interest to ever delve further in.



Definitely worth a listen. Credible semi angsty pop featuring flea. What could go wrong.


How ironic.


Sold in insane numbers but don’t think it was ever considered anything other than a mass marketed rock/pop record with a bit of pretend grunge aesthetic stuck on top.

I find it weird when records like this get critically reappraised - can’t help but think it’s just someone seeing an opportunity to resell the album to a lot of folks who took the cd down to the charity shop a few years back.


Ah need to read the ‘post something to scare a disser’ thread. Apologies.


i have never heard this album beyond the singles, but i always thought head over feet was a total tune.


Wasn’t she naked in that, or am I imagining it?


That’s your own business pal :grinning::+1:


Was so huge at the time but dont remember anyone ever talking about it. it’s very of it’s time and sounds pretty bad now.

only alanis singles i ever really liked were thank u and hands clean


Apparently student radio over here was blasting it for a while, until she broke out and everyone else was playing it. Which is real ‘90s student radio’ right there.

Ironic is fine, Head Over Feet and Hand in Pocket are good. You Oughta Know is OK but I don’t like the chorus. Thank U is cringeworthy. Never delved further.