A thread about Cinema Paradiso in 2017 (LOVEFiLM)

I’m thinking about signing up to this again. Streaming quality isn’t good enough really and paying for a stream gives me the willies anyway.

Does anyone still do it? It’s amazon now, yes?

I do it, probably more out of laziness than anything else. Having the disc lying there is more of an incentive to actually get round to watching it than if it’s on a streaming service I think.

yeah agreed

also find it really noticeable when the sound is out of sync even slightly and it does my head in. seems to be pretty common with streaming

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I binned it a few months back: kinda missing it now

I used to be well into this - had it before it was called Lovefilm (can’t remember what it used to be called though)

At one point I was getting 3x discs at a time - so much easier to just watch the one or 2 things you’ve been sent then endlessly scrolling through Netflix trying to pick something

Kind of miss it - but I’m not sure I could go back now. Got frustrated that certain items on my list I really wanted to see seemed to never arrive

Got took over by Amazon didn’t it :persevere:
Think you’d have to do it through the Amazon website now and then probably take a bleach shower

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just started a free trial :sunglasses:

This was what did it for me - even if you took your list down to 10 items and put the ones you really wanted as high priority, you could guarantee getting something else.

ah yeah, this brings back memories :confused:

Was thinking about this earlier myself! (Whilst walking past that wet bit of City Road as it happens).

Used to pay for three at a time and as many as I wanted every month and would absolutely rinse the pricks for all they were worth. Can’t imagine I’d get anywhere near as much use out of it now in the streaming/Cineworld Unlimited age which is a shame as my choices are way more limited as a result.

I’ve continued my LoveFilm subscription for years. First it was via Amazon rental and then turn into LoveFilm and maybe that cycle was repeated again. But it’s Amazon owned but the envelope is LoveFilm.

It’s good overall. Netflix and Amazon Prime don’t have a lot of the old classics and obviously not any of the big new action films either. I tend to rent the action film partly for my Dad too. I dump one or two DVD films when I’m at his house and so I get more for my money as the films are watched often more than once.

I’ve got Mildred Pierce to watch tonight on DVD with a glass of wine. Looking forward to it.

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I had no idea this was still going. Kinda miss getting discs in the mail but I doubt I’d get much out of it now. Pleased it’s still a thing though.

even on 60mb broadband i still find i have issues with streaming. i hate the variable quality thing but i’m v picky. pretty much can’t handle twats in cinemas anymore either, completely kills it for me :confused: feel like renting blurays is a better shout.

and yeah, i plan to absolutely rinse it. right back into my films at the moment (sorry @Ruffers)

Didn’t realise Lovefilm was still going. Signed up to Cinema Paradiso last year as I prefer DVDs to streaming films. Really good service

ooh what’s that? any major differences to lovefilm?

No judgement here I spend my free time watching Japanese blokes drop each other on their heads.


Think I’m gonna suffer a bit when the new broadband gets installed next week, was an absolute dream having 100mb but they can’t provide it at my new place.

Cineworld has actually been surprisingly ok for cinetwats so far, can only think of one time where there’s been a noisy crowd in and that was for Get Out which kind of added to it tbh.

It’s a DVD rental service. I used to rent DVDs through lovefilm and Tescos. This was the closest existing thing that I could find to them. Think I saw it recommended on here somewhere actually

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Did it for a long time, but sacked it off years ago. Don’t have a DVD or BluRay player anymore either.

i didn’t for a long time but got a ps4 now and have gone a bit bluray mad