Actors that turn up in odd/unusual roles



Done me usual thing of not reading the OP, bloody hell


His minder guy is Darth Vader though




Keith Chegwin in Naked Jungle


Pc Jim Carver from the Bill was in that Snow White and the Huntsman


About 65 percent of the cast of Lost Highway tbf


Reg from the bill in bugsy Malone.


Always wrong-foots me when the cast of Neighbours tip up in a Hollywood film. Alan Dale was in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo the other night


Judi Dench is in ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ for all of 5 minutes. Absolutely awful film


Seeing clips of Pheonix Nights featuring Daniel Kitson is always a bit of a weird one. Bonus points if Paddy McGuinness is also present


Yer man from Eels as a recurring character in the Netflix series Love


Some music ones

The Clash are in the King of Comedy

Courtney Love is in Alex Cox’s Sid and Nancy and Straight to Hell


James Earl Jones? Didn’t he play the Green Cross Man too


Just reminded me of the ridiculously weird cameo made by Frankie Goes To Hollywood in Brian de Palma’s Body Double


it was aired in the middle of night with no marketing, purely so the company could hold onto the rights. no idea why they bothered getting Zane involved. it was mind-numbingly bad


Boy George in The A Team


thought it was him, but couldn’t be bothered to actually check

his guitar playing scene in S2 is pretty great



weren’t the pet shop boys in Neighbours once too?


Dirty Projectors in Mistress America (weirder still given that I guess the tensions in that band seemed to occur between the filming and release)


Ian Beale in The Matrix