Albums where one of the singles is the worst song


Blink 182- Enema of the State (All The Small things)


Nirvana’s debut LP Nevermind - Smells Like Teen Spirit


Think Tank - Crazy Beat


LCD soundsystem - drunk girls


Ash - Free All Angels (Candy)


Most of Placebo’s albums


Whichever Dodgy album has Good Enough on (Free Peace Sweet?)


Last Nite from Is This It (and 12:51 from Room On Fire come to think of it).


The Middle from Bleed American


Purple Rain - I Would Die 4 You


Pearl Jam’s Betterman is by far the weakest standard song on Vitalogy.




Dear God man.


American Idiot is probably the worst song on Green Day’s American Idiot. Though Extraordinary Girl gives it a run for its money.


Ah, I see, - this is the new silly #hottakes thread isn’t it?

(The Nirvana one was right though)


I really didn’t think that was controversial! The rest of the album is just too good - Last Exit through Corduroy is pretty much them at their peak, and Immortality might even be their best song.


bjork - post (you know which one)


I mean if you overlook the fact that it’s one of the best tracks on the album (though I’ll give you that it’s a very conventional anthem compared to the rest of it) I can’t comprehend that anyone would prefer Nothingman to it :grimacing:


Nothingman is one of the best ones!


Lampshades on Fire is probably the weakest song on the latest Modest Mouse album.