Albums you bought/heard off the basis of one song which turned out to be rubbish

Give It All by Rise Against came on the other day and I remembered rushing out to buy that album on the basis of that song. The album was rubbish (like everything else they did).

Tried to think of any others and all I could remember was as a kid, buying the first Wheatus album based off A Little Respect. Oh dear

Johnny Boy.
You are the generation that made shit records full of filler tracks and you get what you deserve.


The second Sneaker Pimps album, Splinter. Really liked the single Low Five, rest of the album was totally forgettable.

Also the debut album by Sunna in 2000, saw the video for Power Struggle a lot and really liked it, the rest of the album was gash.

Man, I wish I could remember all of these.

Metric - Live it Out comes to mind although it’s more that only Monster Hospital was good and the rest just seemed very average.

Seem to recall buying a Turin Brakes album but I think it really was just for that one song because it was so cheap in a bargain bin that it was the same as buying a single.

I guess shout out to everyone who bought the Babylon Zoo album (although I just ended up buying the cassingle as it was the only version that wasn’t ridiculously expensive) Would that be @colon_closed_bracket ?

Up In Hudson is for me the sole good bit of the new Dirty Projectors album

Surely you’d heard Teanage Dirtbag beforehand?

You can pick any Foo Fighters album for this. My personal offender was Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

I bought ‘Scars’ by Soil, because I fucking loved that song Halo (still do a bit, tbf) at the time. The rest of the album is pure toilet


Lana Del Rey - Born to Die on the strength of Video Games.


Meight, I’m Not Trading is a tune.

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Didn’t buy that Sneaker Pimps album (or any others for that matter) but I also really liked Low Five when it came out… still do tbh


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Nope, not me!

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got the second hot hot heat album on the strength of goodnight goodnight (and the fact that their first album was amazing). was not great.

The Walkmen - Bows + Arrows was a big disappointment after being drawn in by The Rat. There’s probably some good stuff on there but at the time it wasn’t what I wanted to hear and I’ve never really gone back to it

I really like that Babylon Zoo album, genuinely think its got some good songs on it.

Except the first three

not sure how good i’d think the single was if i heard it now but fuck me it was a crap album


You need to listen again. Gold top copper bottomed classic. :heart: The Walkmen