Alex Cameron

Big fan of this guy

first album has bits that sound like Cold Cave / Suicide / John Maus

new album out in a few weeks + sounds like he’s going for something different. this duet with Angel Olsen reminds me a bit of when The Killers tried to sound like Springsteen but a lot better -

Jumping the Shark was one of my favourite records from last year and quite stoked for this album too. Not entirely sold on Strangers Kiss; not really hearing the Springsteen comparison…

Candy May is ace though! That sax solo :heart_eyes:

Have you seen him live @nestor?

Absolutely loving the two new songs (Candy May being the other one), and yes, you’re right, they do have that Sam’s Town-era Killers vibe about them. He’s shot right up my End of the Road must-see list.

Got a couple of tours coming up. Quite a few dates with Mac DeMarco and another one later on

Looking forward to the dates in December

He played down in Ramsgate earlier in the year and I really wish I’d gone now.

I was sold on the first album when Goldflakepaint described it along the lines of “karaoke dive bar Springsteen”. Love that album. Not sold on these new tunes yet…

I… Uh.




wow wow wow

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Lexington tomorrow

Catchy new track -

Album’s out

Found it a little disappointing to be honest - singles by far the best things on it. Although it’s generally still pretty fun/catchy, and some of it’s genuinely really funny, it’s a bit more throwaway.

Did a review of it, will link when it’s up.

The tongue-well-and-firmly-in-cheek lyrics make it very hard to take seriously and almost make it feel like a comedy record at times…

Agreed that the singles still shine but overall this just doesn’t reach the highs that made Jumping the Shark so special…

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Interviewing this lad tomorrow, anyone want to know anything?

Ask him why he’s so popular when he’s obviously shite

Go on…I dare you

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Yeah, not feeling the new album but it was its release that made me discover the first. Oh, so great. Weird synths, amazing vocals and most importantly - brilliant characterful lyrics. The idea of singing from the perspective of a failed entertainer is blinding, and helps the comedy and pathos exist much more naturally than on the new one.

Newie sounds a bit like someone doing ‘comedy’ kareoke over a Killers backing track. Don’t dislike it by any means, but not in the same league.


any Books or films he’s read that inspired or instructed the failed entertainer shtick on album one?

How’s life changed since he wasn’t ‘discovered’/the first album got properly released? What did he do before? Was it always his intention to ‘go pro’?

How does he approach writing?

yeah definitely going to go for that second one, like what happened in the gap? It seems like he’s back at this now because he eventually got picked up. It’s interesting that he’s playing a character about being a failed musician and actually arguably was one for a while.

is he that popular? He seems still fairly under the radar

here was the review I did

probably wont do them very often. its very weird seeing your score contribute to a metacritic aggregate

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