All new Self-Promotion Canal

This thread is for sharing new music you’ve made with

It was originally started to ask what happened to that thread, hence the confusing first two replies.

The user who originally started this thread (and who is missed) said this in the OP

I (and I’m sure others) would like to hear your music!

This thread is for chucking your music into the self-promotion canal.

Pretty sure this doesn’t contravene rules, plus it keeps self-promotion tidy. In the canal. The self-promotion canal. A canal of self promotion!

Or don’t! Optional!

A similar thread exists on the Music board here

It probably went when the OP had their account deleted the other week.

I just worked out who that is, that’s really sad to hear.

The Self-Promotion Canal thread is dead!
Long live the Self-Promotion Canal!

I make music under the name Dawnwalker. Sorta post-metal/post-rock but changes with every album really. About to release a remastered version of our sorta pagan-post-black-metal album Human Ruins on vinyl via Bandcamp. Can check it out here:

Also heading out on a short UK tour in December with the excellent healthyliving (members of Ashenspire and Maud the Moth) which is gonna be amaaaazing. Hoping to see a few familiar DiS faces.



I perform in solo, duo and band capacities. They sound like the following Bandcamp links:

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I dun did a new synthy ambient/drone album if anyone is into that kinda thing.


Kind of grateful for the reset so I can easily catch up and keep track of everything!

I released a new EP yesterday, influences on it include Boards of Canada, OPN, Aix Em Klemm, and the Ape Escape soundtrack


Just listening to ‘Test Flight’ right now - this is beautifully hypnotic!

Thanks mate, appreciate that :heart:

I’m a hack and a fraud though, it’s mostly the Soma Cosmos doing the hard work.

we’ve just uploaded a short showreel

it’s also here on instagram - feel free to like it

proper website here

the preview says we’re a 7 piece but that’s out of date, the current lineup is a 5 piece

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I make noises with sad strings and arps and such and some kind labels occassionally try to sell them for me. Which is nice. I’ve got 3 releases lined up for the next 6 months, which feels pretty good. I’m trying to play live more often after a successful set the other week which saw at least one person spend the whole thing doing cross stitch, which is exactly the vibe I was going for.


Hello Self-Promotion canal (and AD if you’re watching)

Some of you will know me as the artist Body in the Thames

But I have recently launched a new project - KOCKS

KOCKS’ first single Simmers/Loverman - out on my little label Freedom of Movement - hit the internet 2 weeks ago

here’s a couple of short video clips

A 2nd single - Stranger - sung in both English and Farsi - will be released on October 27th

here’s a pre-save link

It’s good yo - get on it

KOCKS have a Bandcamp too

and an IG


AMA (nobody ever asks me anything)

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Hello all-new self promotion canal!

This is a fun thing I’ve been doing - I joined a band :flushed:

Hopefully there are some gigs on the horizon in the new year around Manchester/the NW.

There’s stuff on Instagram if you’re willing to do a follow or whatever -

Dunno if that embeds…

Also doing my own folky stuff with an EP coming in the new year too…:crossed_fingers:


Tell Schitts Creek GIF by CBC


Still very amateurish (especially vox production), but I wrote a song about my two late granddads. Pretty happy with the piano on this one, it’s my main instrument:

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