Share your music thread?

I wanna hear what you fine people are cooking up in these dark and turbulant times. Soundcloud, bandcamp, etc.


you go first!

This was off my last band’s final EP from last year.

Since then I’ve just been making novelty tracks here and there.


Yeah I go in fits and starts. Need to get my shit together. I like this though, really driving and propulsive.

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Touche, don’t know what happened to the link I posted. Here we go:


ffs. different collections here:

didn’t realise it would show full playlists and take up ten years of thread space. fuck the internet.


that LS6 one is my shot at a concept album :slight_smile:

This is what I’m most proud of; spent a good amount of the first bit of 2016 making this album; all (broadly) about weird nostalgia / memory and stuff. I’ve done EPs and stuff before, but I’m definitely glad I put the time and patience into thinking about smaller details and the track order and all that.


and the Bandcamp / Soundcloud accounts…


I drum in an Indie Rock Band™ and we play music that sounds like other Indie Rock™ music you have probably heard already.

Come see us live in February we’re playing all over the place

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i put out an album of alt rock/post metal ish music late last year:


17 track extended rough first draught of an LP that I put together in the last few weeks.

an eclectic mix of ambient, club, industrial & soundtrack electronica with heavy doses of screwed-down futurefunk.

Influences: D-Train, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Japan, Talk Talk, Hot Sugar, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Anita Baker, Maya Angelou, Kurt Vonnegut, Herbie Hancock, Thomas Dolby, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Vince Clarke, Neon Indian, Oliver Sacks, Pete Shelley, Erol Alkan, George Lakoff, Cluster, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Prince, Bowie/Eno, Human League/Heaven 17, Kool & The Gang, Fritz Kahn, Hilma af Klimt & RADIOHEAD

Attach it to your auditory canals via your air pressure medium of choice. It’s 100% instrumental so no cognitive distraction (apart from maybe song titles)

any comments & shares are greatly appreciated, especially with the piece being at this BETA test stage


meant to comment on this other day as i’ve been listening to it over last couple of days. i like it, really varied collection of tracks.

Compiled a kind of album from the last six months of stuff the other day. About 50-50 instrumentals and singsongs


cheers blueturtle

anything in particular that stands out?

May listen to this (and a bunch of the other stuff in this thread) when I’m doing some work on this here laptop later on.

This is some seriously good shit. I’d pay you actual money it if you were to plonk it on bandcamp.

Your ‘♃’ is still a go to classic for when I’m working. What happened to it? Have you changed its name to something typable instead?

Gonna wait to post this while seeing how the album flows:
It’s uh… a bit long right?
I like how the second half mellows a bit more and settles into a steadier flow.
Could probably cut some of the songs from the first half, leave the bangers at the start and then let the mellow second half play out.

highlights: tommy, brexit music, Lullaby Waltz makes me think of Neil Young’s ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ played by the ghost of Jason Lytle, 60%,
lowlights: let’s move off the grid,

My band put out a demo-ish EP September last year - haven’t wanted to JAG up the boards but since you asked:

Lo-fi garage stuff. Not overly happy with the sound, but it was a one-take one-track rehearsal room kind of thing.