Alphabet of Music - Z

Normal Rules. Top 5 artists beginning with Z

  1. Zomby
  2. Zero 7

Zack De La Rocha
The Zombies
I dunno… The Zutons first record is quite good I guess so them.

Zombie Zombie
The Zombies
ZZ Top

Zeal & Ardor
ZZ Top

Yep, not another busy letter in my collection.

I only have two, and I wouldn’t say either are life-changing. Definitely fun to hear an orchestra attempt Metal Machine Music, mind

  1. Zakir Hussan & Rahul Sharma
  2. Zeitkratzer

Zombie Met Girl
Zara MacFarlane

Zounds were loosely part of the Crass scene, eccentric anarchopunk with a strain of psychedelia. Bloody love this one, later often covered by Blyth Power, whose leader Josef Porter was also briefly in Zounds

Zombie Met Girl are a band I keep seeing at hippy and punk festivals. Their record collections appear to consist entirely of The Cramps, Dead Kennedys and Motorhead, which is alright by me, and they called their last album Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks On Motorcycles, which not enough records are called.

Zara MacFarlane is a jazz / reggae singer who is involved with the London jazz scene (last time I saw her, Binker Golding was playing sax). This is a lovely take on an old classic

Zebda were a bunch of French lefties who played a mixture of rock, reggae, and Arabic music. They were very politically engaged, from an activist background and pretty much exclusively singing about political and social justice for immigrants and the banlieu dwellers. I only have one album, but it’s good fun

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Zea (The Ex singer’s band, before The Ex)
Zola Jesus


ZZ Top

that’s it

I’m gonna put Zola Jesus at 2!

  1. Zwan



Ze Malibu Kids

Made a playlist, adding along the way:

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Zola Jesus
Zach Schimpf
Zeitgeist Z2 - Judgement Daze | ZEITGEIST | Zeitgeist

Zero 7
Zola jesus
Zenker Brothers

Zola Jesus
The Zephyrs
Zun Zun Egui
Zuzu’s Petals

The Zombies
Zola Jesus

Zbigniew Preisner
Zdeněk Liška
ZX Spectrum Orchestra

Zun Zun Egui
Zola Jesus

That’s it. The Zwan album is really fucking boring

  1. The Zombies
  2. Zero 7
  3. Zwan
  4. Zazou Bikaye
  5. The Zion travellers