Alternatives to Spotify

Spotify’s got lots of bugs for me now. I want to use a different app but have never tried any of them (Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal etc). Are any of them as good, particularly in terms of music selection? Give me the lowdown!

they’re all pretty dodgy but Deezer was OK when I tried it

Sorry not to answer your question but can I ask what bugs you are experiencing in Spotify? I’ve found it to pretty robust for a while now (windows desktop, Mac desktop and iPhone mobile).


Yeah Spotify used to be super buggy but as far as I can tell it’s been fine for the past year or two on Windows and Android

I use Google Play.
Find it more than decent. It’s pretty rare that I can’t find something that I want to check out.
You can upload up to 50,000 files, which is really handy for artists not on streaming services (eg Drag City artists) - I’m not sure that other streaming services offer this.

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Apple works best for me; syncs with my iTunes has some nice recommendations has all the songs n that. Spotify has better playlists and curated stuff but I generally prefer Apple Music cause I can just press shuffle and it plays everything from my iTunes account. Using Spotify now would probably be too much hassle for me

I made the switch to Apple Music as someone who has never bought anything from Apple before apart from installing itunes 10 years ago for 10 minutes. A few pros and cons compared to Spotify, but generally the experience is pretty comparable. I use an Android phone.

only issue I have with Spotify is adding my own tracks that aren’t otherwise on there. seems a right faff, I think owing to the track tagging

other than that it’s pretty flawless

I’m on Apple music. Was given 6 months free buy EE.

So far I like it a lot more than Spotify (I Hate Spotify’s GUI) it’s all all good for me but it doesn’t integrate that well with my MP3 collection.
You can merge them but I’m far too scared to do it in case I lose everything.

I use Google Play Music. It’s great.

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Can you listen to Apple Music offline? The tracks from Apple Music I mean not your own MP3s. If so is there a limit like Spotify?

I spent a few years swapping through (I think) all the streaming services picking up the free & nearly free offers.

Have finally settled down with Spotify but would have been equally happy with Deezer, Apple or Tidal.

Soundliz lets you share playlists across services so swapping isn’t a big deal.

In terms of music selection I honestly don’t think there is any significant difference in the main ones.

So really just comes down to any offers you can get and how you feel about the interface.

Personally I liked the interface on Spotify & Deezer best. Tidal fine as well but it puts all the big Tidal names upfront so gives you a very R&B/HipHop/Big Pop look & feel. Apple I actually really liked but found it unwieldy on the desktop to have it integrated with iTunes. Just too much in their. Having said that my iTunes library was a right mess and I’ve now spent the time to sort it out so might be better.

1 thing on Google Play - you can upload your own files without paying for the subscription. I use it as a sort of standalone player just for the 150 - 200 albums I own only digitally. Find this useful as I used to basically forget about those albums.

Tidal for me, clive.

Download to listen offline in lossless quality :yum: and best rate paid to the artists. Sold!

I’m a big fan of the radio shows on Apple Music, like Time Crisis and St Vincent mixtape ones. Never really got along with Spotify for some reason.

Oh yeah - I went with Spotify mainly because it integrates well with Sonos which is good because the Sonos app has got worse. Also means you get the higher quality files on Sonos for no extra charge.

The new one is a clusterfuck isn’t it? I can see what they were going for but they’ve totally fucked the UX. Reckon there’ll be a new version along much more quickly than usual

Another vote for Davidoff Google Play.

yeah I just gave up - always go via Spotify app now. Hope they do sort it out quickly.

Sometimes it refuses to load search results. Basically I either get some kind of infinite loading icon or it just brings up the results from my previous search. Sometimes I get that loading icon if I try to click on my playlists too.

The other current problem is it not being able to find my Chromecast.