Decent alternatives to Spotify?

I’m thinking of quitting Spotify simply because the 3333 track download limit is fucking me off. I don’t think it’s really designed for people who like listening to full albums, it’s more for ‘general’ music listeners and Facebookers. Most of the time there’s usually something missing in an artist’s discography, or it is on there and suddenly it’s gone. Even if you have it in your local files added to a playlist, you can’t even play it on mobile. Also the new version is really slow, every time I play a track, the whole thing freezes and sometimes crashes about 10 seconds into the song (or my laptop is fucked).

Are there any decent alternatives? I’m thinking of Apple Music (because there doesn’t seem to be a download limit, the limit is more down to how much available space is on your device, which is how it should be, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered buying a bigger SD card for my phone). But I don’t know what the cons are. I get the impression it’s a bit neocon or something.


Tried Google and apple music on android recently cos I was pissed off with my offline stuff randomly deleting but they were shit and I fixed it kinda

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I use Spotify and so do millions of others who listen to full albums and I find it quite easy to find new albums on release on it too. They push them.

You’re looking too much into the marketing side of this. If you’re hung up on that, then don’t outsource your music collection.

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3333 tracks sounds like a lot tbh. surely you’re not listening to them all at once?


Probably sounds like this.


Yeah, you don’t need 3333 offline all at once really


I’ve listened to it in full a few times. I imagine it’s what Hell sounds like.

Always felt like this was what the follow up to Loveless should have been.



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It really isn’t that much, if you like having the option of listening to every album you like by a band you like, i.e. having a Radiohead playlist with every Radiohead album, including B-Sides… that’s about 150 tracks, which is about 1/20th of the limit, and there are actually quite a few other bands like that, it all adds up quickly even for bands that don’t have that many tracks I like.

I used to just have my favourite songs downloaded by bands I like, but eventually you get bored with what you’ve got. Inevitably you’re going to want to add more.

I probably don’t need that many tracks but it’s still nice to be able to listen to all your shit when/wherever you want, esp if you’re travelling and there’s no wifi, (even then the wifi’s usually shit anyway). Even though there might be downloaded tracks I don’t listen to much now, I might want to listen to them at some point in the future, without having to constantly delete/undownload stuff to make space and then add it again.

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Sounds like you’re describing a 160GB iPod Classic here.


I use Apple Music. No complaints

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I still use mine and love it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same here! Absolutely love mine. My most treasured possession I think.


…is a great Fiona Apple album.

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being able to listen in CD quality while offline is pretty sweet, man

Indeed. That’s why I still listen to cds, haven’t ever really got around to the idea of renting music.

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it’s mainly useful for music you don’t care about enough to own, innit. it’ll never replace my record collection but it’s useful for a number of things.