Alternatives to Spotify


I’m a big fan of the radio shows on Apple Music, like Time Crisis and St Vincent mixtape ones. Never really got along with Spotify for some reason.


Oh yeah - I went with Spotify mainly because it integrates well with Sonos which is good because the Sonos app has got worse. Also means you get the higher quality files on Sonos for no extra charge.


The new one is a clusterfuck isn’t it? I can see what they were going for but they’ve totally fucked the UX. Reckon there’ll be a new version along much more quickly than usual


Another vote for Davidoff Google Play.


yeah I just gave up - always go via Spotify app now. Hope they do sort it out quickly.



Sometimes it refuses to load search results. Basically I either get some kind of infinite loading icon or it just brings up the results from my previous search. Sometimes I get that loading icon if I try to click on my playlists too.

The other current problem is it not being able to find my Chromecast.


Also my phone repeatedly notifies me that I’m listening to a song, instead of just the once when it’s gone from the previous song to the current one. Sometimes if I manually choose a new song to listen to it still notifies me I’m listening the old one. Anyway this is more of a slight irritant than something that prevents me using the program (like the other problems).


I have an android phone and Spotify works fine for me.

I’ve just got the whole family on a family membership and now have zero incentive to change anyway cos it makes it very easy to share things amongst us.

The only artist whose absence I really miss is joanna newsome: no one else in the house can stand her and it’s hard for me to listen to her privately when I’ve only got her last 2 records on vinyl


Yes, and no. Well, googling suggests it might be 100,000 songs, but it’s definitely a lot more than Spotify’s arbitrary 3333.


I use Apple music. I like it. Did not like Spotify.


I was having this problem but it was an old laptop so I’m pretty sure it was a problem with the laptop not Spotify. It was fine on my windows desktop machine and iPhone.


Hey, Google Play Music users. Looks like the service is being slowly shut down and replaced with a new YouTube subscription instead:

An ad-supported version will be available for free also, but it won’t include premium features such as background listening, song downloads and music discovery features. (It’s worth noting that this new service will replace the existing Google Play Music service.)

Presumably this means that the ‘upload your own music’ feature will go.


Anyone aware of any ways of getting any of these cheaper? Currently skint and not a student. Apparently with my Playstation Plus subscription I can save £1 a month with Spotify. I’ve just finished my free month with Google Play (which was really good). Thinking of trying a free month trial with Deezer next. Ideally I’d like one of them for less than £9.99!


If you’re on o2, you can sign up to receive an iTunes voucher every month and the fourth month is free:

I use that on an Apple Music subscription, effectively taking 25% off the price.


if you just memorise all the songs and hum them you can do that free of charge


Family Plan with some friends?
Or ask to be put on someones family plan if they have one? Sadly mine is full


Isn’t family plan meant to be people at the same address? Do you just say you live at the same place? No proof of address required for ‘family’ members?

Asking 'cause I’d like to sign up my niece and nephews but this seemed like not an option.


Ive not had any issues. Even if they do need to be same address jsut put yours in when you set up their accounts

No proof needed. I even got people in Berlin and Romania using mine… spotify isnt even avaliable in romania