Any albums that you don't skip a single track on?

I’ve been thinking this morning. Thinking about music. And food. But mainly music.

Are there any albums you don’t skip a single track on? Even on my favourite albums there’s always usually a track a skip.

Yes lots


basically every album I listen to


Stunning conversation.


Most of them, TBH, if not all. The only exception I can think of, off the top of my head, is OK Computer - don’t think I’ve listened to Fitter Happier more than a couple of times.

Can’t think of a single time where I have skipped a track on any album


Ha sorry, just think the inverse of the question would yield more chat - plenty of near great albums that require one or two skips


You’re right. Lets pretend I asked that instead.

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I often see this questions on pretty casual music or general entertainment type forums, but genuinely there are so many that I listen to right through and I suspect it is the same for most people here. Even if there are weaker tracks, my attention span is sufficient to sit through it, and some of my favourite songs now I was ambivalent towards initially and may even have skipped in the past.

One that springs to mind is Can’t Be Sure by the Sundays. I loved Here’s Where The Story Ends to death at the time, but it finishes on such a high, the next song would always be a disappointment. The intro was a bit slow so I generally ploughed right on to Hideous Towns. Now however it has grown to be one of my favourite tracks of theirs.

Pretty much all of them for me too. I think the only things I skip are spoken word interludes, You Would Know by Queens of the Stone Age on the debut, and Pearl Jam’s Stupid Mop on Vitalogy.

Any I have on vinyl

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all of them, skipping tracks is for wrong 'uns.


never really skip tracks, don’t like not listening to an album in full, unless i’m specifically only listening to a couple of tracks from it in isolation. but i guess there are often still tracks you could describe as ‘skippable’. so in terms of albums that definitely have no skippable tracks, Turn on the Bright Lights.


My first instinct was to say “the vast majority of them” but on reflection that’s not quite true. I’ve realised that nowadays I’ll listen to an album a certain number of times when it comes out, and then mark certain tracks that will go into a “songs of the year” playlist.

Some of those albums I’ll go back to a few more times and listen to in their entirety, and some I will do so many more times and may continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But I’d say that as many as 80-90% of those albums are destined to never be listened to me in their entirety again.

There is also a small number of albums that I absolutely love, bar one track, and I have accordingly deleted that track from my phone so I can listen to a better version of the album.

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What’s with all the threads?

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I’m quite bored at work. Soz for posting messages on a messageboard m8 x

Pretty much everything. There’s a track on Dookie I can’t stand and actively skip whenever I hear it, but I can’t remember when I last listened to that album anyway.

don’t skip the (second or third, I haven’t actually ranked them) best track on the album!

(you can do what you want, of course)

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Pretty much every album I’ve ever liked enough to want to back to and listen to again.

Probably a better question for DiS is what tracks DO you skip?

I always skip theme from retro on blurs st record because it’s terrible

Harvest by Neil young is one of my favourite albums, but I always skip ‘man needs a maid’ and ‘theres a world’. Two exquisitely awful tracks. Was a pain when I had it on tape In my parents car :grin:

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