Any good Podcast Recommendations Please

I forgot and then remembered but then forgot to tell you I forgot.

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Do a podcast with me you cowards


listening to jooks old podcast now
if it’s good i’ll check out the new one with ma0sm and twentynine

That’s a shame

safety wink

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I cringed my way through it recently, enjoy

Especially the first 20 eps or so, I’d just skip them entirely, it’s upsetting

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i’ve laughed a bit already

there was a my parents are aliens reference which i enjoyed

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You know the lad in My Parents are Aliens

I read something interesting about him a while ago but I forgot it. Think he might be an asshole maybe

Stuff I know nothing about!

I did actually start recording “podcasts” as a sort of anti comedy project whenever I would give my car a drive during lockdown. Might listen back to them




Really enjoy this podcast from Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman. It’s absolutely ridiculous but it makes me laugh a lot while I’m working.

This chat about hammers really tickled me:

(18:40 ish)


New podcast on the story of Joy Division and New Order, narrated by Maxine Peake

Any fans of Brass Eye, Jam, 90s weird comedy on Radio 1 sort of stuff will probably like Brain Cigar. Co-created by Peter Baynham, lots of darkly absurd daftness and it’s fooking great

Personal highlight: talking through the recently unearthed documents of the Thomas the Tank Engine creator’s, which outlines the horrifying plans for the anatomy of the trains

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this sounds like the sort of thing that i would like

are you into Beef and Dairy Network, @manches ? also gives me very Brass Eye vibes.

I’m mostly fictional podcasts.

‘Soft voice’ is a recent really good one.

First ‘Inside the wires’ series was amazing imo.

‘Alice isn’t dead’ is also very good.

Best creepy ones I have encountered are ‘Left right game’ and ‘Tanis’. Both really creepy.

i think my favourite genre is fictional podcasts that are pretending to be real podcasts

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I haven’t listened to it, but I probably should. That’s Mike Wozniak’s pod, isn’t it?

Might have to luz them into my subscriptions, tick tock it’s pod o clock

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Yes! I’m a fan of that. Tanis and Rabbits are both good in that regard.

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Wozniak is a very regular guest on it playing various characters, but Ben Partridge is the host. very surreal and silly but builds up a huge fictional universe around itself as it goes on.

Wozniak’s own podcast is the St Elwick’s Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Podcast which is similar but less surreal and more Partridge-esque (as in Alan not Ben) but also great

the pair of them also do Three Bean Salad now along with Henry Paker which is just the standard ‘three comedians as themselves talking nonsense’ genre of podcast but also a lot of fun

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