Any new categories you’d like to see in 2022?

Think we’re good but just checking

Personally I think the ones we have now work pretty well. I can’t really think of anything else we might need off the top of my head.


One brain fart…

I think there’s enough already. The only one I really use specifically is Music to filter out the noise, otherwise I just look at all latest.


This could be a good call, but looking over the social board I kind of worry we’d be taking too much out of it? :sweat_smile:

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Is it maybe worth having a second, less grim SSP section as well as the current serious matters?

I feel like personally the police brutality, sexual assault, totalitarian politics, mass death, war, etc that make up most of the subjects in there kind of put me off popping in for a read of one of the nice threads that live there like LGBTQIA+ or Filth.

Have filth threads been going in there?? We have a Social > NSFW category almost exactly for that purpose :sweat_smile:


Have also recently added a new Social > SSP as I did see a potential need for it:


General reminder for everyone that all available sub-categories are visible from the front page:


Would there be any appetite for a ‘features’ board or similar where people could post reviews or long-reads or whatever about topics of their choosing (could just be music-related maybe?) rather than more general, succinct discussion in threads on the existing boards? Something that combines some elements of the old site with the forum format? I’ve not thought this through very much but could be an interesting thing to look into.

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Sounds interesting, maybe something worth workshopping a little bit on one of the other boards (that get more traffic than this one) and gauge interest?

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Yeah I might make a thread on the music board later. I think keeping it to music topics initially makes sense to limit any controversial and contentious pieces that would need a stricter moderating eye.

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