Any new categories you’d like to see in 2022?

Entertainment is meant to be a catch-all for all forms of entertainment that isn’t pure music, so I would definitely encourage making separate threads for separate games and puzzles!


Fuck me YES

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Travel is an interesting suggestion. Could be good to have those sorts of threads easily findable. Though, I suppose the danger is that if they’re taken out of Social, they’d significantly lose traffic/input. Maybe it’s a tag issue?

I mean, that’s a potential challenge with all of the other sub-forums. But I think it’s worked alright with the other “new” ones really.



The entire DiS community is one big NFT

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That’s a good call, we don’t tend to get any of those on here now

Only a wokeflake from msm would say that, man :crazy_face:

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Rear of The Year

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Might I suggest that the ‘overseas travel plans’ thread is killing any chance of the travel thread (ahem) taking off?

imo the new travel category has so far fulfilled my concerns that a load of threads would be put somewhere where fewer people would see them while simultaneously reducing traffic on the social board

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What do you propose?

Getting rid altogether probs so people make threads about individual places, only chance of the subforum working I’d think?

respectful countersuggestion that we get rid of the travel category

Respectful countersuggestion that we lock the oversea travel plans thread for a bit and see how it goes and then ditch the category if it doesn’t work

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Could you maybe post this in the thread itself and see if people who use the thread and started the thread are happy with it? Then tag me in when a consensus is reached :face_with_monocle:

Sorry missed this! I see it has been moved, let’s see how it works :slight_smile:

Would like to suggest a “For Musicians” forum of advice and industry news.

Feels like some of this conversation happens already but dawned on me it be useful to carve out space for this.