Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?

Always good for a bit of fun, usually starts some discussion over anticipated releases too. These are all the albums I could think of:

11th August
Kesha – Rainbow: 6.5

18th August
Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruins: 8.4 BNM
Everything Everything - Fever Dream: 7.9

25th August
QOS – Villains: 7.6
The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding: 8.1
Iron & Wine - Beast Epic: 6.7
Liars – TCFC: 8.5 BNM

1st September
LCD Soundsystem - American Dream: 7.8
Mount Kimbie – Love What Survives: 7.2

8th September
The National - Sleep Well Beast: 9.0 BNM
Alvvays – Antisocialities: 8.2

15th September
Ariel Pink – Dedicated to Bobby Jameson: 8.4 BNM
Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold: 3.8
Hundred Waters – Communicating: 7.5

22nd September
Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun: 8.0
METZ - Strange Peace: 7.7
Moses Sumney – Aromanticism: 8.3 BNM (would put money on this)

29th September
Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life: 6.8

6th October
Wolf Parade - Cry Cry Cry: 7.2

Unknown release date
Liam Gallagher – As You Were: 4.5
Eminem – Success: 2.2
The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful: 6.0
MGMT – Little Dark Age: 6.3

Can’t see LCD not getting a BNM

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Who knows…

The two LCD singles were great and not supposedly among the best songs on the album. The Arcade Fire singles were dirge and the album was clearly going to be crap. Think, like Reflektor, the LCD album only needs to be OK for pitchfork to go nuts for it


Yeah, I agree 100%. The cynical part of me thinks Arcade Fire hired him for Reflektor for automatic positive reviews since the music wasn’t fit to do it on its own.

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Chelsea Wolfe is too high, Ke$ha is too low. I’d put both at around 7.6-.8, possibly higher for the latter.

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they’ll probably give foos and eminem slightly higher just so they dont look bad if one of them dies

Hmm yeah… you make a good point, perhaps I should bump that score up a bit.


Eminem is probably not too far off. Foo Fighters will probably be around 6.0-ish.



have you not noticed that since the 2016 celebrity death-rush they’ve suddenly stopped giving out really harsh reviews to anyone over about 40, and qualifying everything by saying what great careers they’ve had? never used to happen.

I hadn’t…you’ll have to convince me with an example

Actually just saw that Mount Kimbie got a Best New Track recently…so that should be higher

haha thats put me on the spot. its just a weird trend i feel like ive been noticing, might just all be in my head. pretty recent example; new coldplay ep that is pretty much universally acknowledged to be dreadful is 5.8- - the last 2 (pre 2016) got savaged

haha…sorry I think it might be: 5.8 isn’t a huge jump up from the 4.8 they gave their last album…and Chris Martin turned 40 this year.

Dalek - Endangered Philosophies - 8.0

EMA - Exile in the Outer Ring - 6.8 (though it’s leaked, I haven’t listened yet. guessing based on dodginess of her past few releases and her politics seem… questionable, if not out of line with Pitchfork’s.)

I’ve not kept up with any EMA stuff since her debut, which I liked. whats up with her politics?

not so much what they are, but how they’re conveyed. That Active Shooter track (which felt vaguely opportunistic) plus a recent interview just read as someone who obviously pays attention to politics, yet reads as politically naive.

Kesha - 6.9
Grizzly Bear - 8.5 BNM
Everything Everything - 7.7
QOSTA - 7.1
The War on Drugs - 8.4 BNM
Iron & Wine - 6.3
Liars - 7.3
EMA - 7.3
LCD Soundsystem - 8.6 BNM
Mount Kimbie - 8.0
Mogwai - 6.5
The National - 7.6
Alvvays - 8.3 BNM
Ariel Pink - 8.0
Foo Fighters - 5.2
Hundred Waters - 7.7
Chelsea Wolfe - 8.1
Metz - 7.5
Wolf Alice - 6.6
Wolf Parade - 8.2