Are eSports actually sport?

The BBC have decided so:

I feel very out of touch. Why do gamers need nutritionists??

The amount of money that’s available in US college eSports scholarships is absolutely mind-blowing.


No. Games.


They’re more of a sport than…[reaches into beeve hat]…rugby.


Look forward to Final Phantasy Final Score being read out each Saturday afternoon



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Everything is a sport


Welcome to my TED talk



I would class e-Sports in the same category as darts

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Had a look the other day but the boy wanted Fortnite and there’s none on there. What we did see was boring as piss but I guess I’m not the target audience.


Its not a surprise that people who are pursuing loads of $$$ are prepared to spend money for them marginal gains.

No different to a snooker player doing the same really. As long as we’re talking about a professional Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker eSports player using an Atari ST.

don’t mind either way


Some kind of joke about eSport Spice, but someone funny can make it happen

I feel like the fact that it’s within the tight constraints of a game (as in you can’t, without glitching and I guess therefore cheating) should be a disqualifying factor to some extent. Like there’s kind of an in built cap to what you can accomplish (rather than the inherent cap that is the human condition forwardslash death).

Doesn’t really bother me though tbh, the only real difference is that I’d be even less interested in watching esports


As much a sport as motorsports (so yes).


Formula 1 = not a sport really imo

Hypothetical game that is basically polo but with cars, I.e. the sort of thing you’d get in the battle mode of Crash Team Racing = def a sport and indeed the only true sport

If you wanna be my lover
You’ve gotta grind with my clan
XP, gold, and items
Grinding never ends

Went into this feeling proper halfarsed

But I’ve actually done something that would serviceably fit in a Radio 4 sketch comedy show that has good writers and yet is still shit


So this:

BBC iPlayer - Rocket League - EU Spring Series

but without the e- part.

Acoustic rocket League ?

It’s not something I’d watch, but I think it’s pretty cool. Feels like more of a level playing field than conventional sports, which is great right? Bit less dependent on your physical attributes.

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