Artists playing a song more than once in a set

You ever experienced this?

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  • Nah
  • Can’t remember for sure

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What do you think of it as a concept?

  • Great! Do whatever you want
  • Bit sad really, innit
  • My answer has nuance, I am a sophisticated individual whose opinions cannot be captured by these limited poll options

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I think I’ve only encountered it once. Seeing Digitalism at Scala when they only had their debut album out. They played Pogo twice, once mid-set and then at the end of the encore again. I kinda enjoyed it as it was the best song on the album, but remember also thinking it was a little sad.

Trying to remember if The Strokes did it that time they headlined Reading despite having only recently released their debut album. Someone else here will probably know.

I’ve probably seen it a few times but the one I remember is The Darkness when they headlined Reading and didn’t have enough material for a headline slot so played the really famous one twice, possibly three times

I went to go and see a band with my now wife at the Borderline, and I hadn’t heard of them before and can’t remember who they were, but they had guitars and it was like 2007 and they were an indie band so you get the idea. apparently they had one song that was popular and they played it in the middle of the set, everyone loved it, and they did an encore and it was just that song again. everyone loved it the second time round. so I guess it was fun, no real beef with it.

I’m now annoyed I can’t remember who this band was though, just FYI.

I’m fine with it, chances are it’s going to be one of their better ones so if it reduces the chance of them playing some filler then okay. And a decent chance to go to the bar/toilet if I don’t like it.

Alice Cooper did Schools Out twice and honestly could have gotten away with a third time.


I don’t think they did.

EDIT: they definitely didn’t

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This thread has reminded me of a story former DiSer guyhousername told about going to see babybird and somebody in the crowd continually shouting out for You’re Gorgeous which he got annoyed about so he played a really lacklustre version twice, possibly three times in a row


As well as the Kate Nash example which I see inspired this thread yet my credit goes amiss, Burt bacharach did Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head twice at Glastonbury. It was sunny

literally posted about this today

my first Idlewild gig had them opening and closing with You Held the World in Your Arms - once acoustic, once electric. Pretty fucking brilliant tbh, everyone went wild when they realised it was kicking in again


Saw hed PE play Crazy Legs twice when they played at sub89 11 odd years ago. Dreadful song, funnier the second time.

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This is a nice idea actually, I’ll allow this one


Think Macklemore played Can’t Hold Us or something twice when he played readong fest.

Also when I saw Warpaint they played the same song like 8 times but just called it something different


Saw Alien Ant Farm on their ANThology anniversary tour, and obviously they played Smooth Criminal once in sequence, then again at the end. It’s what the people wanted. Then u bought a hoodie off the afterwards and chatted to the singer and drummer, who were surprisingly decent.

Went to see the beatles on some roof somewhere and they all they wanted to play was Get Back. Fuming.


think its originally what an encore was/is, rather than the go hide backstage for 2 minutes type of thing its become.

Saw the Vengaboys on the university circuit and their entire set was their three big songs, twice. Was loads of craic tbf.


Saw Morrissey on the tour for You Are The Quarry and he had played 'There Is A Light’ in the main set and again for the 2nd Encore.