Ash - Rolling thread(?)

New album out on 18 May!


Yay Ash!

Great, but they should have announced it next week on Ash Wednesday


On a side note, it’s a shame there’s been nothing from Charlotte Hatherley in almost a decade now as far as I can tell. Her solo albums are great.


She had a band called Sylver Tongue (terrible, terrible name) about five years back that released a few things.

Think she mostly plays for other people now though.

They couldn’t have waited a week before announcing this? :roll_eyes:

just yesterday I saw that she was playing this, which looks pretty interesting

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Hatherley is also playing Long Division in Wakey

I knew something was coming soon and was sure they’d wait until next week to announce it. Wonder why they didn’t.

She’s just done a new album called true love very recently from what I can tell.


Twilight of the Innocents was the next album and is pretty good. Then their A-Z singles collections have moments of gold. Kablammo is mainly pretty forgettable but has a couple of moments. IMO.

Charlotte’s album is pretty great actually. Came out a bit back

I think the A-Z series is the best thing they’ve done. It’s vast (46 original tracks if you include bonus tracks) so it takes time to reveal itself and there’s a few growers that didn’t do much for me initially but over the years I’ve always discovered new tracks I love from it.

There’s a real mix of rock tracks, electro pop, punk stuff, slow songs and more experimental stuff. I might make an play list later but a few to give you an idea

Twilight of the Innocents, while it doesn’t hit the individual highs of the other albums I think it works very well as an whole album, it’s really quite dark as well.

Kablammo! is basically a decent collection of Ash songs and worth checking out if you like FFA/Meltdown as it’s closest to those.

tbh Meltdown’s actually my least favourite album, it’s got some great tracks but a bunch of other stuff that’s a bit samey/not memorable.

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The song that Tim did for the Shaun The Sheep film was pleasantly breezy :+1:


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Oh yeah, I was quite surprised then I saw that, it’s one for that ‘places you don’t expect to encounter bands’ thread. It’s not a bad song actually.

First single:

It’s just lots of swearing and not much else.
Not a great return, to be honest.

just a not-as-good sweary version of this

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Annie Lennox made Shining Light her own