Avengers: Infinity War FUTURE SPOILER ZONE 💀

From midnight this thread is a spoiler zone. Do not come in this thread if you don’t want to be spoiled ya idiot.

Personally not that excited as I found Civil War underwhelming. The Russo Brothers don’t have the visual flair that Whedon does in my mind. People reacted to the Avengers splitting up like it was some big deal, when it will clearly be resolved in this one. Obviously I’m still going to see this ASAP because I’m a sucker.

It’d be cool to have one of the films end with a huge retcon event. I reckon that’s what happens at the end of the second one. Thanos kills half the universe at the end of this one, then the remaining heroes band together, fix the universe but change some history in Part 2. Iron Man or Captain America stay dead. (This is all speculation).

Spiderman and Black Panther guaranteed to survive in their present form I bet.

Hope they make some wise cracks


I’ve not seen the following avengers related films

Thor Ranacock
Sherlock Holmes is a Doctor Now
Guardians of the Galaxy part deux
The new Spiderman one

Will this cause me issues if I go see the new avengers one? Probably hard to answer as no one has seen it yet

oh I’ve not seen Black Panther either

I reckon all the relevant stuff will be covered in the film. Marvel know people will be seeing this one who haven’t bothered seeing all the others.

thor and maybe black panther would probs be preferable to see first but I think they’ll make it so you can follow regardless

I read a review which said there is no recap, they jump straight into the story, but how much do you need to know really? Asgard has been destroyed so Thor is floating in space with a bunch of refugees, Dr Strange does magic and has the time stone, literally nothing happened in GOTG2, Spiderman is Spiderman.


I don’t know what you really need to know in general. People have made a lot of fuss about the Marvel films telling a long story, but I doubt you need to know anything else other than Thanos the baddie is after some scattered Macguffins and your favourite wise cracking heroes are going to try to stop him.


yeah, its always like this isn;t it

even if I had seen the other films I would have forgotten what happened in them by now

This isn’t part 1 though.

They changed that. Not sure what that means

They can say it’s not Part 1 but if the sequel’s out in a year it is very clearly Part 1

Well Age of Ultron wasn’t Avengers Assemble Part 2 despite being a known sequel.

Dunno, all I’m saying is they may not be very tied at all.

They were filmed back to back and originally titled Pt 1 and Pt 2, it’s just a marketing move to get people excited when they announce the new title, or the new title is a spoiler.

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Reviewers don’t tend to review cliffhangers highly in such accord so it should be a complete story

Alright Theo

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I reckon Marvel changed tacked with the “part 1” and “part 2” naming after seeing how it didn’t work out for The Hunger Games. Public bored with that.

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Yeah, they realised people are cautious about only seeing half a film, but guaranteed it will be.

wonder how long i have to wait to see this before the cinema isn’t totally rammed with dickheads

at least a generation


I’ve seen it! This is now officially a spoiler zone!