Bands you love but hardly anyone else cares - volcano!

At some point in early 2006, someone on here recommended an album by volcano! to me.

I listened to it, and was confused by it, then grew to love it. Now it still gets stuck in my head and I go back for a listen

volcano! - Beautiful Seizure

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Edit: that didn’t post well. Was listening to paperwork in a white van. Probably a very niche combo

Big big fan. Saw them in Vienna in 2009. Incredible gig. Had a great chat with the band afterwards. Wish they’d come back with something new.

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That’s weird - thought about them earlier when I was talking to an old housemate for the first time in a while. They stayed at our house after playing a gig in Nottingham. Nice guys.

Apple Or A Gun is an absolute tune. Felt like they kept trying to rewrite Africa… after writing it

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I wish that they’d come back with something new too. Although I never got to see them live.

If white van and paperwork is a niche combo I think I can match you - I definitely listened to Beautiful Seizure in a tractor.

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That’s strange! I don’t have the same love for Pinata as I did for Paperwork and Beautiful Seizure either, although I probably haven’t listened to it in 5 years or more. Perhaps I’ll give it another try

Really like this

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:smiley: impeccable timing

Yes you should get back on Piñata. Underrated