Bands you once liked, but now hate


Like the other thread but the other way around. Go




Same. Plus the Gaslight Anthem


I think a lot will say Brand New.


Don’t think there’s anyone. I mean loads of bands whose recent output I’ve been unmoved by but I still enjoy the old stuff


I’ve done it myself but love it when someone performatively disowns a band after they’ve released a couple of crap albums, or to let everyone know that they’ve grown out of them
‘Used to be a fan of these guys but can’t see myself listening to them again, EVER’
so self-important






biffy Clyro


The Arcade Fire


The Shins.


Me too. I really liked their records, then I saw them live and they just seemed so insufferably smug that I found them unbearable from then on.


While I’ve gone right off the later stuff, I still think the debut and chutes too narrow are nigh on perfect


The decemberists


Definitely gone from loving them to being indifferent to them, but I could never hate those early records, especially Picaresque


Just gone back to AF after years of not listening. Really enjoying the first three albums again.


Think we did this thread recently? My answer is totally Father John Misty, loved his first two albums but then he basically became an arrogant meme and now I can’t stand him.


New album is beautiful


I think I complained a lot about Arcade Fire and Incubus in the last thread and those still remain my top answers. But I’d like to throw Aerosmith into the mix because they’re dreadful.


Oh, and Weezer. Just thinking about the “hip hip”'s of Island in the Sun ruins my day.