Best album / Worst album

No need to rank the ones in the middle. DO NOT rank the ones in the middle.



Bee Thousand / Please Be Honest


Slanted & Enchanted / Terror Twilight

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Elliott Smith:

From A Basement / Roman Candle

Really like Roman Candle actually!

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I like it too it’s just the worst of his albums all of which are varying levels of good/great


Neil Young
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere/ Landing on Water


The Curtain Hits The Cast / C’Mon

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Future of the Left:

Travels With Myself & Another / The Plot Against Common Sense


Wu-Tang Forever / A Better Tomorrow

Peace and truce of is a much worse album than Common Sense. Never understood the dislike for it

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American Water / lookout mountain lookout sea

Almost never listen to LMLS and I love the silver Jews big time

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Peace and Truce is very much a slow burner but it sounds a lot like Curses to my ears which is the version of the band i first fell in love with.

Common Sense has some great material but it’s their patchiest and silliest.

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The Fall:

Hex Enduction Hour* / Are You Are Missing Winner

(*actually can never decide between Hex and Perverted by Language but i’ll stick with my gut)

I think it’s production is reallllly awful compared to ‘how to stop your brain’

Agreed on Are you are the missing winner. I bought it on CD with a load of shite bonus tracks written by his manager or something. Crop dust is a banger tho

aye, shame its the only one on there.

It may be that it’s the first album of theirs I heard but I love The Plot Against Common Sense. Don’t think I could post a least favorite FOTL album.

I could do it for Christian Fitness though
Favorite : This Taco is not correct
Worst: The first one

Fevers and mirrors / cassadega (outer south if we’re going full Oberst back catalogue)

Pearl Jam:

Vitalogy / Backspacer

Modest Mouse:

The Moon and Antarctica / Sad Sappy Sucker

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