Best albums of 1991



What record would you have chosen?


1 . REM - Out Of Time
2. Bikini Kill - Revolution Girl Style Now
3. Throwing Muses - The Real Ramona


No love for Foxbase Alpha?


Throw Raise by Swervedriver in there too


From the list Slint - Spiderland.

The list needs some Nation of Ulysses.


Nirvana - nevermind
Atcq - the low end theory
Pearl jam - 10
The Jesus lizard - goat
Soundgarden - badmotorfinger
Mercury rev - yerself is steam
Gang Starr - step in the arena
Fugazi - steady diet of nothing
Ice t - o.g.
Nomeansno - 0+2 = 1
Superchunk - no pocky for kitty
Public enemy - apocalypse 91
Lfo - frequencies
De la soul is dead
Massive attack - blue lines
Dinosaur jr - green mind
Temple of the dog
Pixies - trompe le monde
Orbital - green
Teenage fanclub - bandwagonesque
Rem - out of time
Blur - leisure
Klf - white room
Cathedral - forest of equilibrium


Electronic. Electronic.


Public Enemy - Apocalypse '91. Not a brilliant album, but name me any track that wasn’t on Blue Lines, The White Room or Loveless that’s better than By The Time I Get To Arizona X


Buggin out
Jesus Christ pose
Just to get a rep

For starters. It is a great track though.


Thanks for that. I do suspect it highlights how poor a year for music it was. We were DJs on pirate radio at the time, and got Blue Lines on advance release the year before, and listened to it every day. But then the first Gulf War started, and they had to recall all copies and rename themselves Massive as D-notices went out to ban any band called Massive Attack. Our pirate station was closed within hours of us announcing the start of hostilities and playing Funk Inc’s Let’s Make Peace (Stop The War). Us and Giles Peterson on the same day. It was a dark year, both globally and personally, and I used it to listen to black music I’d missed out on before. Strange remembering it. I bought my nephew Nevermind and taped it before giving him it for Xmas. I didn’t listen to it for months, having decided I didn’t like guitars anymore. I can laugh about it now but at the time it was terrible :roll_eyes: X


Shit, that sounds pretty rough. I remember finding the massive attack name change so weird at the time.

Was a transitional year for me - previously only listened to British indie then the grunge thing started and I also had my first real exposure to hip hop and dance music. Lots of the albums I’ve listed up there^ I still listen to.


Brilliant to share transitional experiences, Warn :wink: I was a very different person after 1991 too. Can’t complain, it was a very necessary evolution X


Yeah, likewise!


Some great albums.

A Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory

Is probably the best one not on that list


Some good stuff on there.

Pretty on the Inside is such an amazing, aggressive record. The worst thing that ever happened to Hole was Courtney hooking up with that pointless junkie.


Smashing Pumpkins — Gish
Single Gun Theory — Like Stars in My Hands
808 State — Ex:El
U2 — Achtung Baby (Why not?)

1991 is also the year of one of my favourite musical curiosities: Jesus Jones’s Doubt, which at the time felt like it was this huge, planet-shatteringly smash hit, packed with massive songs, but which was immediately forgotten 12 months later and never gets remembered in any of these kinds of threads.

Think I might listen to it again on the way home from work.


Also a big fan of Apocalypse 91, Trompe le Monde, Loveless (don’t know how this hasn’t been mentioned yet) and Cop Shoot Cop’s White Noise.


Fates Warning - Parallels
Galactic Cowboys - Galactic Cowboys
Marillion - Holidays in Eden
Shadow Gallery - Shadow Gallery
Saigon Kick - Saigon Kick
Rush - Roll the Bones
U2 - Achtung Baby
Queen - Innuendo
Ozric Tentacles - Strangeitude
Sting - The Soul Cages
Savatage - Streets: A Rock Opera
Pearljam - Ten
R.E.M. - Out of Time
Crimson Glory - The Strange and the Beautiful
Mr.Bungle - Mr.Bungle


Half the records listed aren’t actually that great or even among the artists best work IMO. Like Green Mind… maybe the 5th best Dinosuar Junior album? Dangerous the 4th best MH album. Diamonds and Pearls probably isn’t in my top 10 Prince albums. 7 albums deep, Out of Time was arguably the weakest REM album to date. Obviously it’s all subjective and maybe its better to list albums people actually like by their favourite artists that just reel off accepted classics.

Not a great year for me. A few listed above that I love, plus Main Source’s Breaking Atoms, Drive Like Jehu’s ST, Scarface’s debut. Couple of other good records like The Orb’s debut and LFO.


Doubt was my favourite album of the year at the time, by a mile.

Even made my own Jesus Jones t-shirt in home economics.

They’re playing a tiny venue in Cambridge in the next few weeks. Tempted to go…