Best record you've never heard

gotta be Metal Machine Music for me. of all Lou Reed’s innovations, this was surely the most important. Completely destroyed rock and roll for the second or third time, and basically invented noise music in the process.

(never heard it)


ok computer / kid a (not a joke)


Velvet Underground and Nico
Trans-Europe Express
Straight Outta Compton
What’s Going On
Blue (by Joni Mitchell)
Raw Power

^great bunch of records I’ve never listened to.

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VU&N, Trans-Europe, and What’s Going On are amazing.

how do you know they’re great?

I just cribbed off one of those muso-wank “50 essential albums” lists. Definitely 10/10 albums, the lot of them

Pet Sounds

Out of Rolling Stones’ Top 10 records of all time I’ve not listened to:

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited or Blonde on Blonde
Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
Also, I can’t recall actually listening to Revolver by the Beatles. That said, I’m sure I’ve heard all the songs on it in isolation, so does that count?

But that’s only one interpretation of best record…

welp, ahm oot


had this on repeat lately, fucking belter

Maybe polls are the way to go?

The Clash - London Calling

  • I’ve heard it
  • Nope, I don’t like music

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burn this thread to the ground, mods!


i’ve listened to and liked 3 other Kraftwerk albums, and see this one cited as the best by a lot of people and cited as a particular inspiration by post-punk bands and all that (i’d imagine less cos it sounds any different to the other records and more just the time this one happened to be released) but i’ve never got round to it. so aye that i suppose.

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that scott walker one. the drift

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I heard the Velvet Underground album in full for the first time not long ago. My reaction was: about half of it is brilliant, half is absolute crap, almost unlistenable.

Highly recommended: Revolver, TEE, What’s Going On.
Recommended: Blue (but a little over-rated, there are other Joni albums I like better, even from that period of her music).
I’m not that interested in NWA or the Stooges.

I have yet to hear Tales From Topographic Oceans in full. There are those who love this album; there are others, even fans of Yes, who loathe it as overblown. Some go so far as to lay the blame for the whole late 70s anti-prog-rock backlash at the feet of this album.

Any full album by:

Bob Dylan
Beach Boys
Joni Mitchell
Janis Joplin
Patti Smith
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stones
Elton John
Bruce Springsteen

Most of the biggest-selling/most influential acts of all time, in fact. Must be enough indie points for a free haggis toastie :+1:

I’ve never heard The Life of Pablo by Kanye West because I am waiting for it to come out on CD

See also: Blonde by Frank Ocean



I doubt very much whether I have any “indie points” at all, in that case. Not that I particularly seek them out.