Best sites for e-book shopping?

Hey gang!

So by now I’ve had a PocketBook e-reader for a couple of years give or take, and mostly happy with it.

However, the PocketBook shop isn’t the best. So I’ve been buying books via Kobo and downloading them as epubs which has been absolutely fine… up until recently. Some sort of issue on Kobo’s end so don’t worry about that, BUT my issue now is where should I buy e-books to put on my reader!? Amazon is out of the question and their e-books don’t transfer to other e-readers apparently.

What would you recommend?

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The only four companies I’m aware of that sell ebooks from all/most publishers are Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and Google. Apple’s one is a bit weird in that the format of the files is sort-of their own standard, so I guess that leaves you with Google?

I’ve no experience with Google’s ebook store mind so I don’t know how easy it’d be to get them over to your PocketBook.

However… it might be worth having a play with Calibre:

Supposedly you can drop any ebook into it and remove the DRM, meaning you can then add it to any e-reader.

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Something that I only discovered fairly recently is that you can load any pdf onto your kindle. So if something is out of print, say, you can legally download a pdf and then get it to appear on your kindle.

What you do is you email your kindle (you have to dig around in the settings to find your device’s unique email) from the email address associated with your Amazon account with the title ‘convert’ and… it does. Sounds daft but it works.

I’ve used it recently to read my Eldest’s dissertation on my kindle :slight_smile:

The only issue is that some pdf formatting it likes better than others: sometimes diagrams or odd page formatting can throw it. But generally it’s been positive.

So yeah, if you have a pdf of anything you can read it for free on a kindle - score.

Oh and thanks @whiterussian for setting up the Books category!

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Yeah, just don’t think I can get Kindle specific files onto my PocketBook sadly. BUT I have used it for knitting patterns I’ve bought online and been sent a pdf of, for example :nerd_face:

However @chanticleer I legit hadn’t even thought about checking Google Play etc, and that looks to work a charm – and will have pretty much everything, I guess!

Thank you both!


Yeah I did that and Games now, anything else we should have just let me know! I never know how much people actually use sub-categories.

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I don’t know if this is too UK-specific to help you, but I buy a fair number of ebooks (and books generally) from Their range is maybe not as extensive as some of the big names, but they’re generally competitive on price and will give a cut of the proceeds to an independent bookshop of your choosing.

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Love this site for getting nicely formatted “classics” (ie out of copyright stuff)