Better Oblivion Community Center (Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst)


Rumours confirmed, Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst side project Better Oblivion Community Center have dropped their album. On spotify now, and they were on telly in America last night.

Away to have a listen now, can’t wait if it’s anything like the duet they did on Bridgers debut


Yesss! This is such a welcome surprise. Sounds great, their voices go so well together.


I’m not surprised how much I’m loving this.


Very cool. Will give it a listen on the way to work


Came here to post this. Sounding good so far.


Very excited about this!


This is very exciting to wake up to. Will give it a whirl this afternoon!


nice one!!

this is ace



This is bloody brilliant eh


when conor’s voice kicks in after I haven’t listened to him for awhile, gives me shivers


This is really good. Mostly listening for Pheebs, but enjoying both of their voices together.


good to hear his voice on something that isn’t the kind of bland americana rut he fell into


I didn’t think this would be out so soon! I’ve given it one listen so far and it’s really good.



Whoah. This is a very pleasant surprise. Hadn’t heard anything about this - really great. Their voices complement each other wonderfully. Might just be the best thing Conor’s done since - I dunno… a while anyway. Are they going to tour it?

Thought I had my January albums of the month locked down but this has put cat amongst the pigeons. This and new Vampire Weekend on the same day - an unexpected new release Thursday treat!


halfway through and not digging this as much as you lot. Just find myself wishing it was all her solo.



Thought it was a bit dull on first play. Hopefully a grower.


Conor is my all time favourite artist and Stranger in the Alps was the only album I really fell in love with last year so this is… very exciting.