Biggest pet peeve in music


Is, for me, people proudly bragging about how little time they spent ‘giving something a go’.

“I lasted 10 seconds…”

Well then you didn’t fucking listen to it, did you? Stroll on…


I gave Renegade by Kate Tempest a go. Lasted 16 seconds.


Not enough threads about this absolute roof destroyer:


I don’t like the idea that music has a shelf life; or that listening to music that’s been deemed to be “irrelevant” is suspect behaviour.


Los Campesinos


when people who go crazy over, like, blink or the fratellis or some shit spend all their time calling your music weird/ pretentious/shit etc, but if you point out that what they like has 3 chords and is written for 12 year olds, suddenly they’re all “music is subjective, you can’t say someone’s wrong for having an opinion


Very this. Also ‘guilty pleasures’ as a thing. If you like it, you like it.


Sophomore. (Although this might be more of a reviewers’ tic.)


US reviews: fine
UK reviews : fucking jog on


When magazines claim to be about “New Music/under-ground music” but only feature artists who are already well hyped/playlisted and have been on our radars for months


Soundcloud rappers like this man and other absolutely shite stuff like this:

especially because it’s about fashion


not sure I have any left, can someone else help me?


Dismissal of music based on the perceived socio-economic level of the people who made it.

“too middle class “
” too chavvy”

Just fuck off.


think that’s everyone from about 15-25


only the wealthy can afford the luxury of not criticising another’s socio-economic position.


Hmm “do you like this song?” "not sure… How does the average wealth of the band members correspond to their country’s gdp? How many of them went to university? "


You’re on very dangerous ground with your last example there given hip-hop’s place in black culture and the systematic oppression of people of colour.

As I’ve stated before on these forums, I find the use of ‘bitch’ particularly egregious in more ‘socially conscious’ rappers’ lyrics.


The “cliche” is consumerism, often to the point of hyper-conformity.


The UK music press’ obsession with racing to find new bands to be the first to blow smoke up their arses. Bands that are still learning their instruments have people desperate to be the first to write about them or give them their first radio play. For the same people who ‘championed’ them to completely forget about them when the artist is releasing much better material further down the line, because they’ve moved onto hyping some other band who have only played two house parties and have some rough demos on soundcloud.

And people wonder why we can’t create any new festival headliners.


yeah this is a good one.