BOOK NERD THREAD: Do you save your fav quotes somewhere? 📖

Hello, fellow readers!

I’ve been thinking about setting up some way to save & organise all of my favourite quotes from books that I read. Could be a useful quote that I want to have on hand for work or similar, or just something really neat that I don’t want to forget about, where it’s from etc.

I know there’s a quotes section on Goodreads but I’m not currently using that because of Evil Amazon – and think I would prefer to have my quotes database stored on my devices and not just on a website, anyway. (I do have a past as a bookshop employee so being able to organise and re-organise things however I want is important to me.)

I’m considering just making a huge excel spreadsheet, and even came across a tip to set up a Google Form with the fields you want and just enter information into that one whenever you want, and that then creates the spreadsheet for you. Sounds nifty, but I wanted to check if any of the DiS readers have any other good suggestions!

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I do have notebooks I use for this kind of thing but it wouldn’t help you with searching/ reorganising.

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Feel like @xylo might have something to say on the matter

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yes, you can use a google form linked to a google spreadsheet! let me find you a link for how to do this…

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Someone must’ve made app version of this

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Occasionally take a photograph on my phone, and then forget about it forever


no, but I sort of wanted to for a while

but then I found my attention span couldn’t hope with keeping an eye out for nice lines/paras or interesting words

tbh, I’m not sure what I’d do with them after, either

best I can hope for is to absorb the book when I read it, hoping those parts connect deeply enough to just sort of stay with me

(all theoretical, given how CPTSD and ADHD have tag-teamed me into increasing oblivion)

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